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Simulator for Water Resources in Rural Basins
A model called SWRRB (Simulator for Water Resources in Rural Basins) was developed for simulating hydrologic and related processes in rural basins. The objective in model development was to predictExpand
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The Agricultural Policy Environmental EXtender (APEX) Model: An Emerging Tool for Landscape and Watershed Environmental Analyses
The Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender (APEX) model was developed by the Blacklands Research and Extension Center in Temple, Texas. APEX is a flexible and dynamic tool that is capable ofExpand
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Evaluation of Two Maize Models for Nine U.S. Locations
Crop models can be evaluated based on accuracy in simulating several years' yields for one location or on accuracy in simulating long-term mean yields for several locations. Our objective was to seeExpand
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An assessment of nitrification inhibitors to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from UK agriculture
A trial was conducted consisting of 14 experiments across sites in England of contrasting soil type and annual rainfall to assess the effectiveness of nitrification inhibitors (predominantlyExpand
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History of model development at Temple, Texas
Abstract Model development at Temple, Texas, USA has a long history. Prior to the actual model development research, a hydrological data collection programme was established at Riesel, Texas (aboutExpand
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Economic and Environmental Impacts of Alternative Practices on Dairy Farms in an Agricultural Watershed
ABSTRACT: Nutrient losses from agricultural nonpoint sources are a key component of surface water impairment across the United States. Nitrogen is clearly the primary pollutant problem in manyExpand
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Sensitivity analysis of APEX for national assessment
Sensitivity analysis for mathematical simulation models is helpful in identifying influential parameters for model outputs. Representative sets of APEX (Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender)Expand
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This study was conducted to determine if the Agricultural Policy/Environmental Extender (APEX) model could reasonably replicate the effects of silvicultural practices on streamflow and loading ofExpand
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A Technique for Quantifying Fire Behavior in Grassland Fire Ecology Studies
A technique is described and demonstrated which uses time-temperature curves to quantify combustion zone fire behavior for research on grassland fire effects. The time-temperature parameters ofExpand
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