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Fracture Mechanics of Polymers
A review of fracture mechanics and its relevance to designing with plastics is given. The basic philosophy of assuming the presence of flaws is developed, and the relevant equations are given. DataExpand
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Compression Failure Mechanisms in Unidirectional Composites
The present paper examines compression failure mechanisms in unidirectional composites. Possible failure modes of constituent materials are summarized and analytical models for fiber microbucklingExpand
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The peeling of flexible laminates
The present work has defined an adhesive fracture energy Ga for the peel testing of flexible laminates. The value of Ga characterises the fracture of the laminate and is considered to be aExpand
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Corrections for mode II fracture toughness specimens of composites materials
Abstract A correction factor for the end-loaded-split (ELS) and end-notch-flexure (ENF) Mode II fracture toughness tests is described. This takes the form of correcting the crack length a , by aExpand
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The use of a cohesive zone model to study the fracture of fibre composites and adhesively-bonded joints
Analytical solutions for beam specimens used in fracture-mechanics testing of composites and adhesively-bonded joints typically use a beam on an elastic foundation model which assumes that aExpand
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The fracture mechanics of delamination tests
Calcul des taux de restitution de l'energie des modes I et II dans le cadre d'une analyse d'une poutre elastique conventionnnelle incluant les effets des grands deplacements
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Fracture mechanics studies of crack healing and welding of polymers
Compact tension tests have been performed on re-healed and welded glassy polymers (PMMA-PMMA, SAN-SAN and PMMA-SAN). At temperatures above the glass transition temperature,Tg, it was observed thatExpand
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The determination of the fracture parameters for polymers in impact
A method of analysis is given by which the critical strain energy release rate Gc for impact tests may be deduced for both Charpy and Izod tests from normal energy measurements. Suitable calibrationExpand
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Mechanics and mechanisms of delamination in a poly(ether sulphone)—Fibre composite
Abstract The interlaminar fracture behaviour of AS4/PES (poly(ether sulphone)) composite has been investigated in Mode I, Mode II and for fixed Mode I to Mode II ratios of 0·84, 1·33 and 2·13. TheExpand
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