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The roles, reasons and restrictions of science blogs.
  • J. Wilkins
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Trends in ecology & evolution
  • 1 August 2008
Over the past few years, blogging ('web logging') has become a major social movement, and as such includes blogs by scientists about science. Blogs are highly idiosyncratic, personal and ephemeralExpand
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How to be a chaste species pluralist-realist: the origins of species modes and the synapomorphic species concept
The biological species (biospecies) concept applies only to sexually reproducing species, which means that until sexual reproduction evolved, there were no biospecies. On the universal tree of life,Expand
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When do evolutionary explanations of belief debunk belief
Ever since Darwin people have worried about the sceptical implications of evolution. If our minds are products of evolution like those of other animals, why suppose that the beliefs they produce areExpand
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Philosophically speaking, how many species concepts are there?
It’s an old question in biology: what is a species ? Many different answers have been given over the years, and there are indefinitely many “definitions” in the literature. Adding to R. L. Mayden’sExpand
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An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language, 1668
John Wilkins, Bishop of Chester (1614-72), was a founding member of the Royal Society and one of the most influential thinkers of the 17th century. His masterpiece, "An Essay Towards a Real CharacterExpand
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What is a species? Essences and generation
  • J. Wilkins
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Theory in Biosciences
  • 4 June 2010
An intrinsic biological essentialism does not commit us to Aristotelian notions, nor even modern notions, of essence. Expand
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The Concept and Causes of Microbial Species
Species concepts for bacteria and other microbes are contentious, because they are often asexual. There is a Problem of Homogeneity: every mutation in an asexual lineage forms a new strain, of whichExpand
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Defining Species: A Sourcebook from Antiquity to Today
Defining Species: A Sourcebook from Antiquity to Today provides excerpts and commentary on the definition of species from source material ranging from the Greeks, through the middle ages, to theExpand
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Species: the evolution of the idea
Over time the complex idea of "species" has evolved, yet its meaning is far from resolved. This comprehensive work is a fresh look at an idea central to the field of biology by tracing its historyExpand
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