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Obstacles to Brain Tumor Therapy: Key ABC Transporters
The delivery of cancer chemotherapy to treat brain tumors remains a challenge, in part, because of the inherent biological barrier, the blood–brain barrier, where tumors erect a barrier of transporters that further impede drug entry. Expand
Osm1 facilitates the transfer of electrons from Erv1 to fumarate in the redox-regulated import pathway in the mitochondrial intermembrane space
Osm1 transfers electrons from fumarate to succinate and functions with Mia40 and Erv1 in the redox-regulated import pathway for proteins that form disulfide bonds in the mitochondrial intermembraneExpand
An ABC Transporter Drives Medulloblastoma Pathogenesis by Regulating Sonic Hedgehog Signaling
These studies reveal ABCC4 as a potent SHH pathway regulator and a new candidate to target with the potential to improve SHH-MB therapy. Expand
Using Pharmacology to Squeeze the Life Out of Childhood Leukemia, and Potential Strategies to Achieve Breakthroughs in Medulloblastoma Treatment
A historic perspective of the experience at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is provided and the emerging technologies that can sustain and propel the collaborative efforts to squeeze the life out of these cancers are highlighted. Expand
Utilizing Small Molecules to Study Mitochondrial Presequence-Degrading Protease
A high-throughput screening approach is utilized to discover and utilize small molecule modulators to characterize presequence-degrading protease (PreP), and MitoBloCK-60 was identified as a specific inhibitor of PreP. Expand