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Synthesis and binding affinity of an iodinated juvenile hormone.
The in vitro and in vivo activity of 12-iodo-JH I indicate that it can serve as an important new gamma-emitting probe in the search for JH receptor proteins in target tissues. Expand
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Galleria mellonella Juvenile Hormone Binding Protein A Search for Ancestors and Relatives
Detailed analysis of the secondary structure modeling shows that JHBPs may contain a βbarrel motif flanked by αhelices and thus be evolutionary related to the same superfamily as calycins. Expand
Age dependent changes in the binding and hydrolysis of juvenile hormone in the haemolymph of last instar larvae of Galleria mellonella
Correlations between these changes and available data on the JH content in caterpillars indicate that JH binding protein and JH esterase(s) may play a role in clearing JH from its target tissues rather than in regulating its amounts. Expand
Juvenile‐hormone‐binding protein from silk gland of Galleria mellonella
It was found that Zwittergent 3–10 increases 10‐fold the JH BP activity and converts some higher molecular mass species of JHBP into a single, approx. Expand
An evaluation of an intradermal test for the diagnosis of bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1) infection in cattle.
An intradermal (ID) test (a delayed-type hypersensitivity test) was used for the diagnosis of BHV-1 infection in cattle. A threshold value for the test positive results was established based on theExpand
Juvenile hormone binding proteins from the epidermis of Galleria mellonella
Abstract Juvenile hormone binding proteins (JHBP) have been detected in cytosol of larval and pupal epidermis of Galleria mellonella. Juvenile hormone (JH) binding activity changes during insectExpand
Biosynthesis and degradation of juvenile hormone in corpora allata and imaginal wing discs of Galleria mellonella (L.)
It is concluded that some elevations of JH titre in G. mellonella haemolymph after the second day of VIIth instar are due in part to JH-acid methyltransferase activity in the imaginal discs. Expand
Tissue specific juvenile hormone degradation in Galleria mellonella
Degradation of juvenile hormone III (JH III) in the fat body integument and silk glands of the last instar larvae of Galleria mellonella follows two major routes: the ester bond hydrolysis and theExpand
Effects of injury to the neuroendocrine system of last-instar larvae of Galleria mellonella
Abstract Injury to 1-day old, last-instar Galleria mellonella larvae delays pupation and causes dramatic changes in the neurohormonal system. Injury increases brain allatotropic activity andExpand