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On the geometry of binary symmetric models of phylogenetic trees
We investigate projective varieties which are binary symmetric models of trivalent phylogenetic trees. We prove that they have Gorenstein terminal singularities and are Fano varieties of index 4 andExpand
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On contractions of extremal rays of Fano manifolds.
A smooth variety X over complex numbers is called Fano if its anticanonical divisor — Kx is ample. The purpose of this note is to collect some results on contractions of extremal rays (Mori theory)Expand
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Fano bundles of rank 2 on surfaces
We say that a vector bundle ℰ on X is Fano if ℙ(ℰ) is a Fano manifold. In [12], we classified rank-2 Fano vector bundles over the complex projective space ℙ3 and over a smooth quadric ℚ3 ⊂ ℙ4. ThisExpand
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Small contractions of symplectic 4-folds
We classify small contractions of (holomorphically) symplectic 4-folds. AMS MSC: 14E30, 14J35.
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Interlobular distribution of hepatic xenobiotic-metabolizing enzyme activities in cattle, goats and sheep.
Microsomal and cytosolic enzymes that metabolize xenobiotics were measured in composite samples representing entire livers and in samples from three lobes, using livers of cattle, goats and sheep.Expand
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Xenobiotic metabolism in suspensions and primary cultures of isolated hepatocytes prepared from the caudate process of bovine liver.
Isolated hepatocytes were prepared from 100- to 125-kg Holstein male calves (n = 10) by perfusion of the caudate process of the caudate lobe of the liver. The 11th or 12th rib on the right side wasExpand
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The following are the notes to five lectures on toric Mori theory and Fano manifolds given during the school on toric geometry which took place in Grenoble in Summer of 2000.
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Fano bundles overP3andQ3
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Rigidity of the Mori cone for Fano manifolds
Mori cone is rigid in smooth connected families of Fano manifolds. The aim of this note is to give a positive answer to a question raised at a workshop Rational curves on Algebraic VarietiesExpand
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Fano manifolds and vector bundles
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