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Mantle Plumes and Entrainment: Isotopic Evidence
Many oceanic island basalts show sublinear subparallel arrays in Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic space. The depleted upper mantle is rarely a mixing end-member of these arrays, as would be expected if mantleExpand
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Channeling instability of upwelling melt in the mantle
We present results of a theoretical study aimed at understanding melt extraction from the upper mantle. Specifically, we address mechanisms for focusing of porous flow of melt into conduits beneathExpand
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Deepwater overflow through Luzon Strait
[1] This study examines water property distributions in the deep South China Sea and adjoining Pacific Ocean using all available hydrographic data. Our analysis reveals that below about 1500 m thereExpand
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Fluid dynamic and geochemical aspects of entrainment in mantle plumes
A similarity solution has been developed for vertical, steady-state mantle plume conduits by considering the boundary layer flow emanating from a point source of heat in an axisymmetric geometry.Expand
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Experiments on flow focusing in soluble porous media, with applications to melt extraction from the mantle
We demonstrate finite structures formed as a consequence of the “reactive infiltration instability” (Chadam et al., 1986) in a series of laboratory and numerical experiments with growth of solutionExpand
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Finite bandwidth, finite amplitude convection
The main purpose of this work is to show how a continuous finite bandwidth of modes can be readily incorporated into the description of post-critical Rayleigh-Benard convection by the use of slowlyExpand
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Dynamics of laboratory diapir and plume models
The low Reynolds number dynamics of a thin layer of fluid bounded below by a flat horizontal boundary and moving buoyantly through a fluid of another viscosity and density is observed by means ofExpand
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Turbulent mixing in stratified fluids: layer formation and energetics
Water with constant initial salt stratification was mixed with a horizontally moving vertical rod. The initially linear density profile turned into a series of steps when mixing was weak, inExpand
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Antarctic Bottom Water Flux in the Equatorial Western Atlantic
A moored array at the equator in the western basin of the Atlantic provides a 604-day time series of abyssal currents and temperatures spanning the full breadth of the Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW)Expand
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Topographic control of oceanic flows in deep passages and straits
Saddle points between neighboring deep ocean basins are the sites of unidirectional flow from one basin to the next, depending on the source of bottom water. Flow in these sites appears to beExpand
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