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Somatosensory projection to the mesencephalon: An anatomical study in the monkey
The terminal areas and cells of origin of the somatosensory projection to the mesencephalon in the monkey were investigated by the intraaxonal transport method.
Pathophysiology of brain edema and cell changes following hyperthermic brain injury.
Based on the experimental observations, a new pharmacological approach to reduce edema formation and cell injury by modifying the breakdown of the blood–brain barrier in heat stress is discussed.
Probable involvement of serotonin in the increased permeability of the blood—brain barrier by forced swimming. An experimental study using Evans blue and 131I-sodium tracers in the rat
5-HT plays an important role in the breakdown of BBB permeability in FS, this effect of 5-HT on BBB porousness is mediated by 5- HT2 receptors, and the FS induced increase in BBb permeability is age dependent.
Brain derived neurotrophic factor and insulin like growth factor-1 attenuate upregulation of nitric oxide synthase and cell injury following trauma to the spinal cord
It is suggested that BDNF and IGF pretreatment is neuroprotective in spinal cord injury and that these neurotrophic factors have the capacity to down regulate nNOS expression following trauma to the spinal cord.
Effects on isolated human pancreatic islet cells after infection with strains of enterovirus isolated at clinical presentation of type 1 diabetes.
Study of infections with EV isolates from newly diagnosed T1D patients in human pancreatic islets revealed beta-cell tropism, and clearly affected the function of thebeta-cell, and caused a clear increase in the number of dead cells.
Antioxidant compounds EGB-761 and BN-52021 attenuate brain edema formation and hemeoxygenase expression following hyperthermic brain injury in the rat.
Observations suggest that upregulation of HO-2 representing generation of CO plays important roles in hyperthermic brain injury, and oxidative stress seems to be one of the most important signals in inducingHO-2 expression inhyperthermia.
Nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in the brain pathology of heat stress.
Results demonstrate that hyperthermia associated with heat exposure has the capacity of inducing upregulation of neuronal NOS and HO-2 immunoreactivity in the central nervous system.
Different neuron populations in the feline lateral cervical nucleus: A light and electron microscopic study with the retrograde axonal transport technique
A comparative light and electron microscopic study was made of the two major neuron populations in the feline lateral cervical nucleus (LCN) that have an ascending projection–namely, the
Topical application of insulin like growth factor-1 reduces edema and upregulation of neuronal nitric oxide synthase following trauma to the rat spinal cord.
Results for the first time show that IGF treatment is neuroprotective and this effects of the IGF appears to be mediated via inhibition of NOS upregulation.