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ADCIRC: An Advanced Three-Dimensional Circulation Model for Shelves, Coasts, and Estuaries. Report 1. Theory and Methodology of ADCIRC-2DDI and ADCIRC-3DL.
Abstract : This report describes the theory, methodology, and verification of the ADCIRC (ADvanced CIRCulation) finite element numerical models. ADCIRC-2DDI is a two-dimensional, depth-integratedExpand
A Basin to Channel-Scale Unstructured Grid Hurricane Storm Surge Model Applied to Southern Louisiana
Abstract Southern Louisiana is characterized by low-lying topography and an extensive network of sounds, bays, marshes, lakes, rivers, and inlets that permit widespread inundation during hurricanes.Expand
Modeling hurricane waves and storm surge using integrally-coupled, scalable computations
The resulting integrated SWAN + ADCIRC system is highly scalable and allows for localized increases in resolution without the complexity or cost of nested meshes or global interpolation between heterogeneous meshes. Expand
ADCIRC: An Advanced Three-Dimensional Circulation Model for Shelves, Coasts, and Estuaries. Report 2. User's Manual for ADCIRC-2DDI
Abstract : This report describes the use of model ADCIRC-2DDI, a two- dimensional, depth-integrated, finite-element-based hydrodynamic circulation code. ADCIRC-2DDI solves the shallow-water equationsExpand
Modeling the physics of storm surges
Despite the potentially catastrophic consequences of storm surges, the physics of surge generation and propagation has historically been poorly understood, and many misconceptions about surges stillExpand
A High-Resolution Coupled Riverine Flow, Tide, Wind, Wind Wave, and Storm Surge Model for Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Part I: Model Development and Validation
Abstract A coupled system of wind, wind wave, and coastal circulation models has been implemented for southern Louisiana and Mississippi to simulate riverine flows, tides, wind waves, and hurricaneExpand
ADCIRC: An Advanced Three-Dimensional Circulation Model for Shelves, Coasts, and Estuaries. Report 6. Development of a Tidal Constituent Database for the Eastern North Pacific.
Abstract : This report describes the application of ADCIRC-2DDI, a two-dimensional depth-averaged barotropic hydrodynamic model, to the eastern North Pacific in order to develop a tidal constituentExpand
Aspects of nonlinear simulations using shallow-water models based on the wave continuity equation
Abstract Finite element models of the shallow-water equations using the wave continuity formulation do not generate the noise that plagued early modeling efforts based on a primitive formulation.Expand
Origin of the Hurricane Ike forerunner surge
[1] A large, unpredicted, water level increase appeared along a substantial section of the western Louisiana and northern Texas (LATEX) coasts 12–24 hrs in advance of the landfall of Hurricane IkeExpand
Shallow water modeling in spherical coordinates: equation formulation, numerical implementation, and application
One class of surface water models is the shallow water models obtained by depth-averaging the microscale mass and momentum balances. Application of shallow water models to large scale problems (onExpand