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Alcohol-induced neuronal loss in developing rats: increased brain damage with binge exposure.
A rat model of third trimester fetal alcohol exposure was used to determine whether a smaller daily dose of alcohol can induce more severe microencephaly and neuronal loss than a larger dose, if theExpand
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Fetal alcohol exposure and temporal vulnerability: effects of binge-like alcohol exposure on the developing rat hippocampus.
Children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) display altered performance in tasks of learning and memory, behaviours thought to be associated with the hippocampus. Altered hippocampal structure hasExpand
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Drinking Patterns and Alcohol-Related Birth Defects
The consequences of maternal alcohol use during pregnancy on the outcome of offspring depend, among other factors, on the amount and pattern of alcohol consumption. Animal studies found thatExpand
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Fetal alcohol syndrome: the vulnerability of the developing brain and possible mechanisms of damage
SummaryFetal alcohol exposure has multiple deleterious effects on brain development, and represents a leading known cause of mental retardation. This review of the effects of alcohol exposure on theExpand
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Permanent neuronal deficits in rats exposed to alcohol during the brain growth spurt.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether developmental alcohol exposure could induce permanent neuronal deficits, whether the peak blood alcohol concentration (BAC) influences the severityExpand
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The effects of the timing of ethanol exposure during the brain growth spurt on the number of cerebellar Purkinje and granule cell nuclear profiles.
  • K. Hamre, J. West
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  • Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research
  • 1 June 1993
Ethanol exposure during development is particularly deleterious to cerebellar Purkinje cells and granule cells, but the mechanism(s) underlying this sensitivity and the variables which affect itExpand
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Delay in brain growth induced by alcohol in artificially reared rat pups.
The effect of alcohol on body and brain growth of the neonatal rat was examined. An artificial rearing procedure was used to administer a milk formula containing 2.8% alcohol to rat pups during daysExpand
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Fetal alcohol exposure and temporal vulnerability: regional differences in cell loss as a function of the timing of binge-like alcohol exposure during brain development.
This study was conducted to determine the temporal and regional vulnerability of the brain as a function of exposure to alcohol during brain development. Our goal was to manipulate the timing ofExpand
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Developmental changes in alcohol pharmacokinetics in rats.
Developmental changes in the pharmacokinetics of alcohol could influence the outcome of alcohol exposure during different periods of postnatal development. Hence, the development of the ability toExpand
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Regional differences in cell loss associated with binge-like alcohol exposure during the first two trimesters equivalent in the rat.
Women who abuse alcohol during pregnancy may deliver offspring who could be diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) or a less severe deficit involving cognitive and behavioral disorders. TheExpand
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