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Supersymmetry and Supergravity
The first edition of this book appeared in 1983 and was based on a series of lectures given at Princeton in 1983 by Julius Wess. Since the appearance of the first edition much work has been done onExpand
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Supergauge Transformations in Four-Dimensions
Abstract Supergauge transformations are defined in four space-time dimensions. Their commutators are shown to generate γ5 transformations and conformal transformations. Various kinds of multipletsExpand
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Consequences of anomalous ward identities
Abstract The anomalies of Ward identities are shown to satisfy consistency or integrability relations, which restrict their possible form. For the case of SU(3) × SU(3) we verify that the anomaliesExpand
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The general method for constructing invariant phenomenological Lagrangians is described. The fields are assumed to transform according to (nonlinear) realizations of an internal symmetry group, givenExpand
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A lagrangian model invariant under supergauge transformations
We study, in the one-loop approximation, a Lagrangian model invariant under supergauge transformations. The model involves a scalar, a pseudoscalar and a spinor field. Supergauge invariance givesExpand
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Covariant differential calculus on the quantum hyperplane
Abstract We develop a differntial calculus on the quantum hyperplane covariant with respect to the action of the quantum group GLq(n). This is a concrete example of noncommutative differentialExpand
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A gravity theory on noncommutative spaces
A deformation of the algebra of diffeomorphisms is constructed for canonically deformed spaces with constant deformation parameter ?. The algebraic relations remain the same, whereas theExpand
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Gauge theory on noncommutative spaces
Abstract. We introduce a formulation of gauge theory on noncommutative spaces based on the notion of covariant coordinates. Some important examples are discussed in detail. A Seiberg-Witten map isExpand
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A superfield formulation of the non-linear realization of supersymmetry and its coupling to supergravity☆
Abstract A thorough investigation of the non-linear realization of supersymmetry is carried out both in flat space and in curved space (supergravity). A manageable superfield formulation is developedExpand
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Non-commutative Euclidean and Minkowski structures
A noncommutative *-algebra that generalizes the canonical commutation relations and that is covariant under the quantum groups SOq(3) or SOq(1, 3) is introduced. The generating elements of thisExpand
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