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Phytochemistry of the genus Piper
Abstract The secondary metabolites isolated from Piper species for the period 1907 to June 1996 have been reviewed. Nearly six hundred chemical constituents belonging to different classes ofExpand
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LNA (Locked Nucleic Acids): Synthesis of the adenine, cytosine, guanine, 5-methylcytosine, thymine and uracil bicyclonucleoside monomers, oligomerisation, and unprecedented nucleic acid recognition
Abstract LNA (Locked Nucleic Acids), consisting of 2′- O ,4′- C -methylene bicyclonucleoside monomers, is efficiently synthesized and its nucleic acid recognition potential evaluated for sixExpand
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Potent and nontoxic antisense oligonucleotides containing locked nucleic acids.
Insufficient efficacy and/or specificity of antisense oligonucleotides limit their in vivo usefulness. We demonstrate here that a high-affinity DNA analog, locked nucleic acid (LNA), confers severalExpand
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LNA (locked nucleic acid): high-affinity targeting of complementary RNA and DNA.
Locked nucleic acid (LNA) is a nucleic acid analogue containing one or more LNA nucleotide monomers with a bicyclic furanose unit locked in an RNA mimicking sugar conformation. LNA oligonucleotidesExpand
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LNA: a versatile tool for therapeutics and genomics.
Locked nucleic acid (LNA) is a nucleic acid analogue that displays unprecedented hybridization affinity towards complementary DNA and RNA. Structural studies have shown LNA to be an RNA mimic,Expand
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NMR studies of fully modified locked nucleic acid (LNA) hybrids: solution structure of an LNA:RNA hybrid and characterization of an LNA:DNA hybrid.
LNA is a bicyclic nucleic acid analogue that contains one or more 2'-O,4'-C methylene linkage(s), which effectively locks the furanose ring in a C3'-endo conformation. We report here the NMR solutionExpand
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Locked nucleic acid (LNA) recognition of RNA: NMR solution structures of LNA:RNA hybrids.
Locked nucleic acids (LNAs) containing one or more 2'-O,4'-C-methylene-linked bicyclic ribonucleoside monomers possess a number of the prerequisites of an effective antisense oligonucleotide, e.g.Expand
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Improved silencing properties using small internally segmented interfering RNAs
RNA interference is mediated by small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) that upon incorporation into the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) can target complementary mRNA for degradation. Standard siRNAExpand
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Improved thrombin binding aptamer by incorporation of a single unlocked nucleic acid monomer
A 15-mer DNA aptamer (named TBA) adopts a G-quadruplex structure that strongly inhibits fibrin-clot formation by binding to thrombin. We have performed thermodynamic analysis, binding affinity andExpand
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Novel convenient syntheses of LNA [2.2.1]bicyclo nucleosides
Abstract LNA (Locked Nucleic Acids) is a novel oligonucleotide analogue containing [2.2.1]bicyclo nucleoside monomers. A novel and significantly improved method for convergent synthesis of LNAExpand
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