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Accents of English
Volume I: An Introduction: Preface Typographical conventions and phonetic symbols Part I. Aspects of Accent: 1. Linguistic and social variability 2. Accent phonology 3. How accents differ 4. Why
Accents of English 2 : The British Isles
Volume II: The British Isles: Preface Typographical conventions and phonetic symbols Part IV. England: 12. RP revisited 13. London 14. The south 15. The north Part V. The Celtic Countries: 16. Wales
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
The "Longman Pronunciation Dictionary" is designed to reflect English as it is spoken and contains authoritative statements on controversial words recording the preferences of a panel of specialists and special treatment of affixes and combining forms.
Accents of English I: An Introduction
English Intonation : An Introduction
This chapter discusses Tone, Tonicity, chunking, or division into IPs, and Beyond the three Ts, which aims to put it all together.
Accents of English: Beyond The British Isles
Accents of English is about the way English is pronounced by different people in different places. Volume 1 provides a synthesizing introduction, which shows how accents vary not only geographically,
Computer-coding the IPA: a proposed extension of SAMPA
If you want to transmit phonetic symbols, you must recode them using only these characters using ASCII/ANSI numbers between 32 and 126.
What is estuary English
There’s a new buzzword going the rounds in England — Estuary English (EE). It’s supposed to be a new kind of English that’s due to take over as the new standard English. We’re told it’s going to
Transcribing Estuary English: a discussion document
Many of our native-speaker undergraduates use a variety of English that I suppose we have to call Estuary English, following Rosewarne 1984, 1994, Coggle 1993, and many recent reports on press and