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Emulsion-based delivery systems for lipophilic bioactive components.
There is a pressing need for edible delivery systems to encapsulate, protect, and release bioactive lipids within the food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. The fact that these deliveryExpand
Advances in ingredient and processing systems for meat and meat products.
Changes in consumer demand of meat products as well as increased global competition are causing an unprecedented spur in processing and ingredient system developments within the meat manufacturingExpand
Structural Design Principles for Delivery of Bioactive Components in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
There have been major advances in the design and fabrication of structured delivery systems for nutraceutical and functional food components. Expand
Factors Influencing the Chemical Stability of Carotenoids in Foods
In recent years, a number of studies have produced evidence to suggest that consuming carotenoids may provide a variety of health benefits including a reduced incidence of a number of cancers,Expand
Ultrasound Technologies for Food and Bioprocessing
1. The Physical and Chemical Effects of Ultrasound Sandra Kentish and Muthupandian Ashokkumar 2. Acoustic Cavitation Olivier Louisnard and Jose Gonzalez-Garcia 3. Ultrasound Applications in FoodExpand
Low-energy formation of edible nanoemulsions: factors influencing droplet size produced by emulsion phase inversion.
Nanoemulsions can be used for the encapsulation and oral delivery of bioactive lipophilic components, such as nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. There is growing interest in the utilization ofExpand
Structural and functional changes in ultrasonicated bovine serum albumin solutions.
Effects of high-intensity ultrasonication on functional and structural properties of aqueous bovine serum albumin (BSA) solutions were investigated. The functional properties of BSA were altered byExpand
Nanotechnology in nutraceuticals and functional foods
environment, and human lives. New initiatives have been launched by governments, academia, and private sectors in the United States, Europe, Japan, and most other countries around the globe to ensureExpand
Liposomal Nanocapsules in Food Science and Agriculture
Liposomes, spherical bilayer vesicles from dispersion of polar lipids in aqueous solvents, have been widely studied for their ability to act as drug delivery vehicles by shielding reactive orExpand
High intensity ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil from soybeans
Abstract The application of 20 kHz high-intensity ultrasound during extraction of oil from two varieties of soybeans (TN 96-58 and N 98-4573) using hexane, isopropanol and a 3:2 hexane–isopropanolExpand