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Loss of foundation species: consequences for the structure and dynamics of forested ecosystems
In many forested ecosystems, the architecture and functional ecology of certain tree species define forest structure and their species-specific traits control ecosystem dynamics. Such foundation treeExpand
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Vascular Plant Breakdown in Freshwater Ecosystems
That major flows of energy occur along detrital pathways in all ecosystems is a recent recognition. In freshwater ecosystems, detritus or dead organic matter (217) has two possible sources:Expand
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Multiple Trophic Levels of a Forest Stream Linked to Terrestrial Litter Inputs
The importance of terrestrial-aquatic linkages was evaluated by a large-scale, 3-year exclusion of terrestrial leaf litter inputs to a forest stream. Exclusion of leaf litter had a strong bottom-upExpand
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We examined the importance of terrestrial detrital inputs to secondary productivity of a headwater stream. Following a year of pretreatment studies on two headwater streams, we excluded terrestrialExpand
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Inter‐biome comparison of factors controlling stream metabolism
SUMMARY 1. We studied whole-ecosystem metabolism in eight streams from several biomes in North America to identify controls on the rate of stream metabolism over a large geographic range. The streamsExpand
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Stream denitrification across biomes and its response to anthropogenic nitrate loading
Anthropogenic addition of bioavailable nitrogen to the biosphere is increasing and terrestrial ecosystems are becoming increasingly nitrogen-saturated, causing more bioavailable nitrogen to enterExpand
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Inter-regional comparison of land-use effects on stream metabolism
SUMMARY 1. Rates of whole-system metabolism (production and respiration) are fundamental indicators of ecosystem structure and function. Although first-order, proximal controls are well understood,Expand
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What happens to allochthonous material that falls into streams? A synthesis of new and published information from Coweeta
SUMMARY 6. The average respiration rate of FPOM was 1.4 mg O2 g AFDM -1 day -1 over a temperature range of 6-22 ∞C, which implies a decomposition rate of 0.00104 day -1 . Transport distances of bothExpand
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Stream denitrification and total nitrate uptake rates measured using a field 15N tracer addition approach
We measured denitrification and total nitrate uptake rates in a small stream (East Fork of Walker Branch in eastern Tennessee) using a new field 15 N tracer addition and modeling approach thatExpand
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Influence of log additions on physical and biotic characteristics of a mountain stream
Three pairs of cobble riffle study sites were established in a second-order stream in North Carolina and logs added to the downstream riffle at each site. At log addition transects, stream depthExpand
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