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A Comparison of the Flow Structures and Losses Within Vaned and Vaneless Stators for Radial Turbines
This paper details the numerical analysis of different vaned and vaneless radial inflow turbine stators. Selected results are presented from a test program carried out to determine performanceExpand
The RANS code Fluent TM 6.1 is used to predict the flow field around a pitching NACA 0012 airfoil. A hybrid mesh was employed in the computational domain and different mesh configurations are testedExpand
Numerical and Experimental Study of the Performance Effects of Varying Vaneless Space and Vane Solidity in Radial Inflow Turbine Stators
An extensive experimental program has been carried out on a 135 mm tip diameter radial turbine using a variety of stator designs, so as to facilitate direct performance comparisons of varying statorExpand
Numerical study of coupled fluid–structure interaction for combustion system
The computation of fluid–structure interaction (FSI) problems requires solving simultaneously the coupled fluid and structure equations. A partitioned approach using a volume spline solutionExpand
The determination of trace-element impurities in natural diamonds by instrumental neutron activation analysis
On applique la technique d'analyse par activation neutronique non destructive, utilisant un détecteur Ge(Li) à haute résolution pour déterminer des traces d'impuretés dans des diamants. La présenceExpand
Natural diamonds—Major, minor and trace impurities in relation to source and physical properties
Nuclear techniques for the determination of 39 impurity elements in diamonds are described. A common impurity chemistry was found for different diamonds and is considered to reflect the compositionExpand
RANS Turbulence Models For Pitching Airfoil
The RANS code Fluent 6 is used to predict the flow field around a pitching NACA 0012 airfoil. Experimental data for this unsteady flow field is widely available for validation. A hybrid mesh wasExpand
Numerical Study of a vibrating sub-boundary layer vortex generator
Numerical simulations of the oscillation of an isolated vane-type sub-boundary layer vortex generator (SBVG) have been performed for flows over a flat plate. The flow Reynolds number, based onExpand
Multielement analysis of air and water pollutants in gold mines by thermal and epithermal neutron activation
A multielement procedure for the determination of potentially harmful constituents in air and water samples, taken from underground working areas and slimes dam sediments (from the surfaceExpand