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Optimization of geometrical and spectral factors for the determination of carbon in coal by neutron-induced prompt gamma-ray analysis
The effect of sample thickness, shadow shield length and geometry and the determination of the γ-ray peak area, are considered in the determination of carbon in coal using the reaction 12 C(n, n'γ)Expand
Small deuteron accelerator as a source of slow neutrons
Low energy neutrons are easily thermalized and are useful in a number of applications including radiography and neutron scattering. A consideration of the early literature and recent experimentalExpand
Neutron resonance radiography for explosives detection: technical challenges
Fast neutron resonance radiography (NRR) has recently become a focus of investigation as a supplement to conventional X-ray systems as a non-invasive, non-destructive means of detecting explosiveExpand
The effect of the imaging geometry and the impact of neutron scatter on the detection of small features in accelerator-based fast neutron radiography
Abstract In fast neutron radiography, the neutron energy spectrum, the imaging geometry, neutron scattering and the position-sensitive detector influence the feature contrast, resolution and theExpand
Design and testing of a high pressure gas target for fast neutron resonance radiography
A high pressure deuterium gas target has been designed to provide high-flux fast neutrons using the D(d,n)3He reaction for use as a neutron source. The deuterium gas cell holds 4 atm D2 gas at 298 KExpand
Characterization of the 9Be(d,n)10B reaction as a source of neutrons employing commercially available radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) linacs
Compact high current RFQ linacs have proven to be reliable and robust accelerators for the generation of neutrons for a variety of applications. The 9Be(d,n)10B reaction is often preferred in suchExpand
The excitation of isomeric states by accelerator neutrons from the 7Li(p, n)7Be reaction and their application in selective activation analysis
Abstract The 7Li(p, n)7Be reaction has proved to be useful in selective neutron activation analysis via the production of nuclear isomers. This is due to the relatively high yield and narrow energyExpand
A large area fast neutron detector based on an amorphous silicon pixel array and reflective telescope optics
This study presents an optical solution to the dilemma of producing a large area fast neutron detector based on light-emitting converters and amorphous silicon flat panel pixel array. The imagingExpand
Some fundamental considerations in resonance imaging using fast neutrons
Abstract Resonance imaging with mono-energetic (or quasi-mono-energetic) fast neutrons is able to map features in bulk samples in a way that is sensitive to their elemental composition. It has aExpand
Design of a prototype microchannel plate detector with cooled amorphous silicon array readout for neutron radiography
Abstract High-performance large-area imaging detectors for fast neutrons in the 5–14 MeV energy range do not exist at present. The aim of this project is to combine microchannel plates or MCPs (orExpand