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Spirituality and hearing voices: considering the relation
The specific role of spirituality in voice-hearing is considered in two ways, moving beyond an essentialist position to examine how such a classification is likely to be fluid, and how a given voice may move between these designations.
Toward a New Diplomatic History of Medieval and Early Modern Europe
The time has come for a multidisciplinary reevaluation of one of the oldest, and traditionally one of the most conservative, subfields in the modern discipline of history: the study of premodern
A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience, and Life-Hopes.
Introduction. Part 1 Necessary connections and three hypotheses: necessary connections psychoneural nomic correlation the causation of psychoneural pairs the causation of actions. Part 2 The truth of
Hearing voices: A common human experience
Hearing oices: A common human experience (herein Hearing oices) evolved out of the author’s interest in examining hallucinations in schizophrenia more closely, which lead him to conclude that these
Representing Elizabeth in Stuart England: Literature, History, Sovereignty
List of illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction 1. James I and the fictions of Elizabeth's motherhood 2. The Queen of royal citizens: Elizabeth in Thomas Heywood's historical imagination 3. Arcana
The Specter of Dido: Spenser and Virgilian Epic.
In his examinations of Spenser's major poetry and his treatment of Virgil and Dido, Watkins attempts to dismantle the stereotype of Spenser as one who blurs earlier epic traditions.
Introduction: Peace by Means of Culture
It is often argued that a shared culture, or at least shared cultural references or practices, can help to foster peace and prevent war. This essay examines in detail and criticizes one such