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Geographies of cultural capital: education, international migration and family strategies between Hong Kong and Canada
This paper intervenes in debates on education and social reproduction, developing the link between ‘parental choice’, class status and spatial mobility. Drawing on research in Canada and Hong Kong
Flexible families? 'Astronaut' households and the experiences of lone mothers in Vancouver, British Columbia
This paper examines the recent emergence of the 'astronaut family' as a migration strategy, practised by Hong Kong and Taiwanese business and professional families and manifest in immigrant gateway
Student Mobilities, Migration and the Internationalization of Higher Education
List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements Introduction Policy Context Mobility of East Asian Students Mobility within Mainland Europe International Mobility of UK Students Geographies of Student
Transnational family strategies and education in the contemporary Chinese diaspora
Abstract In this article I examine the role of education in the family strategies of recent East Asian migrants, contributing to intellectual debates around transnationalism and the contemporary
Geographies of International Education: Mobilities and the Reproduction of Social (Dis)advantage
This paper provides a critical perspective on emergent geographies of international education, suggesting what these might mean for the reproduction of social (dis)advantage. The assertion that
‘Roundabout routes and sanctuary schools’: the role of situated educational practices and habitus in the creation of transnational professionals
In this article, I examine the role of ‘education’ in the formation of transnational professionals in contemporary Hong Kong. A significant body of work has been devoted to considering the ways in
Emergent Geographies of International Education and Social Exclusion
This paper explores the socio-spatial implications of recent developments in the internationalisation of education, which includes the growth in numbers of foreign students and the establishment of
Accidental achievers? International higher education, class reproduction and privilege in the experiences of UK students overseas
To date, scholarship on international students has generally focused on flows from non‐western economies to the main English‐speaking destination countries (such as the United States, the United
Social networks and educational mobility: the experiences of UK students
A recurrent theme in the literature on transnational mobility – and particularly that pertaining to the young and/or highly skilled – is the individualised nature of such movement, as people move to