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TGM6 identified as a novel causative gene of spinocerebellar ataxias using exome sequencing.
The finding of TGM6 as a novel causative gene of spinocerebellar ataxia illustrates whole-exome sequencing of affected individuals from one family as an effective and cost efficient method for mapping genes of rare Mendelian disorders and the use of linkage analysis and exome sequencing for further improving efficiency.
Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Caused by Streptococcus suis Serotype 2
Clinical and pathological characterization of the human patients revealed the hallmarks of typical STSS, which to date had only been associated with GAS infection, and multiple lines of evidence confirmed that highly virulent strains of SS2 were the causative agents of both outbreaks.
Distribution of antibiotic resistance in the effluents of ten municipal wastewater treatment plants in China and the effect of treatment processes.
Municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluents represent an important contamination source of antibiotic resistance, threatening the ecological safety of receiving environments. In this study,
Bedrock displacements in Greenland manifest ice mass variations, climate cycles and climate change
An anomalous ‘pulse’ of uplift accumulated at many GNET stations during an approximate six-month period in 2010, which is spatially correlated with the 2010 melting day anomaly.
A two-class population balance equation yielding bimodal flocculation of marine or estuarine sediments.
The TCPBE can be implemented in a large-scale multi-dimensional flocculation model with least computational cost and used as a prototypic model for researchers to investigate complicated cohesive sediment transport in marine and estuarine environments.
Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics
The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is a gauge field theory based on the gauge group \(SU(3)_C \otimes SU(2)_L \otimes U(1)_Y\) that describes the fundamental electromagnetic, weak and strong
The Wilms Tumor Gene, Wt1, Is Critical for Mouse Spermatogenesis via Regulation of Sertoli Cell Polarity and Is Associated with Non-Obstructive Azoospermia in Humans
It is suggested that Wt1 is important in spermatogenesis by regulating the polarity of SCs via Wnt signaling pathway and that WT1 mutation is one of the genetic causes of NOA in humans.
Short, medium and long term load forecasting model and virtual load forecaster based on radial basis function neural networks
Abstract Artificial neural networks (ANNs) can be easily applied to short-term load forecasting (STLF) models for electric power distribution applications. However, they are not typically used in
Contamination and health risk assessment of PAHs in soils and crops in industrial areas of the Yangtze River Delta region, China.
This is the first investigation into both soil and crop contamination and associated health risks by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in industrial areas of the Yangtze River Delta region (YRDR) and provides novel information for contamination evaluation and human health risk assessment in PAH-contaminated sites.
Microarray-based functional gene analysis of soil microbial communities during ozonation and biodegradation of crude oil.
Insight is provided into changes in crude oil composition and microbial functional genes responses during ozonation and bioremediation treatments to demonstrate the feasibility of an integrated ozonations and biodegradation treatment to remove recalcitrant soil contaminants.