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Non-invasive prenatal assessment of trisomy 21 by multiplexed maternal plasma DNA sequencing: large scale validity study
Objectives To validate the clinical efficacy and practical feasibility of massively parallel maternal plasma DNA sequencing to screen for fetal trisomy 21 among high risk pregnancies clinicallyExpand
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Land-use changes and policy dimension driving forces in China : present, trend and future
China has extremely scarce land resources compared to the world average. There is an urgent need for studies of the current situation and the trends in land-use change and assessment of theExpand
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Distributed Maneuvering of Autonomous Surface Vehicles Based on Neurodynamic Optimization and Fuzzy Approximation
This brief is concerned with the distributed maneuvering of multiple autonomous surface vehicles guided by a virtual leader moving along a parameterized path. Expand
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Model Predictive Control for Tracking of Underactuated Vessels Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Z. Yan, J. Wang
  • Mathematics
  • IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering
  • 18 July 2012
In this paper, a model predictive control (MPC) scheme is presented for tracking of underactuated vessels with only two available controls: namely, surge force and yaw moment. When no externalExpand
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Output-Feedback Path-Following Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on an Extended State Observer and Projection Neural Networks
This paper presents a design method for output-feedback path-following control of under-actuated autonomous underwater vehicles moving in a vertical plane without using surge, heave, and pitch velocities. Expand
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Admissible Delay Upper Bounds for Global Asymptotic Stability of Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
This paper is concerned with global asymptotic stability of a neural network with time-varying delay, where the delay function is differentiable uniformly bounded with delay-derivative bounded from above. Expand
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Cooperative Dynamic Positioning of Multiple Marine Offshore Vessels: A Modular Design
In this paper, a new cooperative control scheme is presented for the dynamic positioning of multiple offshore vessels, subject to the influence of persistent ocean disturbances induced by wind,Expand
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Effects of astrocyte implantation into the hemisected adult rat spinal cord
Morphological and biochemical methods were applied to assess the effects of implanting cultured astrocytes into the hemisected adult rat spinal cord. Astrocytes were purified from neonatal rat cortexExpand
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Global Synchronization of Multiple Recurrent Neural Networks With Time Delays via Impulsive Interactions
In this paper, new results on the global synchronization of multiple recurrent neural networks (NNs) with time delays via impulsive interactions are presented. Expand
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Containment Maneuvering of Marine Surface Vehicles With Multiple Parameterized Paths via Spatial-Temporal Decoupling
The containment maneuvering of marine surface vehicles has two objectives. The first one is to force the marine vehicles to follow a convex hull spanned by multiple parameterized paths. The secondExpand
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