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Self-heating effect in FinFETs and its impact on devices reliability characterization
  • S. Liu, J. Wang, +8 authors K. Wu
  • Engineering
  • IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium
  • 1 June 2014
The impact of self-heating effect (SHE) on device reliability characterization, such as BTI, HCI, and TDDB, is extensively examined in this work. Self-heating effect and its impact on device levelExpand
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Relationship between metabolism of reactive oxygen species and chemically induced male sterility in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Ba, Q. S., Zhang, G. S., Wang, J. S., Che, H. X., Liu, H. Z., Niu, N., Ma, S. C. and Wang, J. W. 2013. Relationship between metabolism of reactive oxygen species and chemically induced male sterilityExpand
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Land-use change analysis in Yulin prefecture, northwestern China using remote sensing and GIS
Rapid land-use change has taken place in many arid and semi-arid regions of China such as Yulin prefecture over the last decade due to rehabilitation measures. In this paper, land-use change dynamicsExpand
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Quantification of Pre-parturition Restlessness in Crated Sows Using Ultrasonic Measurement
This study presents a non-video, non-invasive, automatic, on-site monitoring system the system employs ultrasonic transducers to detect behavior in sows before, during and after parturition. AnExpand
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Electrochemiluminescent determination of nicotine based on tri(2,2′-bipyridyl) ruthenium (II) complex through flow injection analysis
Abstract This paper describes the electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) processes of Ru(bpy) 3 2+ /nicotine system at ITO working electrode. An ECL-based method for rapid and sensitive detectionExpand
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Preliminary studies on the source of PM10 aerosol particles in the atmosphere of Shanghai City by analyzing single aerosol particles
To identify the origin of PM10 (particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter equal to or less than 10 mum) in the atmosphere of Shanghai City, single PM10 particles from two environmental monitorExpand
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Envelope pulsed ultrasonic distance measurement system based upon amplitude modulation and phase modulation.
A novel microcomputer-based ultrasonic distance measurement system is presented. This study proposes an efficient algorithm which combines both the amplitude modulation (AM) and the phase modulationExpand
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Determination of an Ethylene Bisdithiocarbamate Based Pesticide (Nabam) by Cobalt Phthalocyanine Modified Carbon Ink Electrode
A phthalocyanine based sensor, for anodic detection of sodium ethylene bisdithiocarbamate (Nabam) by coating a mixture of cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPC) modified carbon ink on the surface of a glassyExpand
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Investigation of self-heating induced hot-carrier-injection stress behavior in high-voltage power devices
In this paper, we investigate hot carrier injection (HCI) stress induced self-heating behavior for high-voltage n-type Lateral-Diffused-MOSFET (NLDMOS) multi-finger devices. A NMOS device with moreExpand
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Dislocation structures in urea single crystals by X-ray topography
Urea single crystals were grown by solution growth and melt growth by the Czochralski method. The perfection of the grown crystals was evaluated by X-ray topography. The crystal defects, especiallyExpand
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