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Handling Noise in Single Image Deblurring Using Directional Filters
State-of-the-art single image deblurring techniques are sensitive to image noise. Even a small amount of noise, which is inevitable in low-light conditions, can degrade the quality of blur kernelExpand
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Optimized Color Sampling for Robust Matting
  • J. Wang, M. Cohen
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern…
  • 17 June 2007
Image matting is the problem of determining for each pixel in an image whether it is foreground, background, or the mixing parameter, "alpha", for those pixels that are a mixture of foreground andExpand
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Image and Video Matting: A Survey
Matting refers to the problem of accurate foreground estimation in images and video. It is one of the key techniques in many image editing and film production applications, thus has been extensivelyExpand
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Interactive video cutout
We present an interactive system for efficiently extracting foreground objects from a video. We extend previous min-cut based image segmentation techniques to the domain of video with four newExpand
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Tapetum degeneration retardation is critical for aliphatic metabolism and gene regulation during rice pollen development.
As a complex wall system in flowering plants, the pollen outer wall mainly contains aliphatic sporopollenin; however, the mechanism for synthesizing these lipidic precursors during pollen developmentExpand
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An iterative optimization approach for unified image segmentation and matting
  • J. Wang, M. Cohen
  • Computer Science
  • Tenth IEEE International Conference on Computer…
  • 17 October 2005
Separating a foreground object from the background in a static image involves determining both full and partial pixel coverages, also known as extracting a matte. Previous approaches require theExpand
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Toxicological characteristics of nanoparticulate anatase titanium dioxide in mice.
In an effort to examine liver injury, immune response, and other physiological effects in mice caused by intragastric administration of nanoparticulate anatase titanium dioxide (5nm), we assessed TExpand
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The Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 Is Tonically Activated In Vivo and Involved in Body Temperature Regulation
The vanilloid receptor TRPV1 (transient receptor potential vanilloid 1) is a cation channel that serves as a polymodal detector of pain-producing stimuli such as capsaicin, protons (pH <5.7), andExpand
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Formulation and Physical Characterization of Large Porous Particles for Inhalation
AbstractPurpose. Relatively large (>5 µm) and porous (mass density < 0.4 g/cm3) particles present advantages for the delivery of drugs to the lungs, e.g., excellent aerosolization properties. The aimExpand
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Extreme Learning Machine-Based Classification of ADHD Using Brain Structural MRI Data
Background Effective and accurate diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is currently of significant interest. ADHD has been associated with multiple cortical features fromExpand
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