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Adaptation, adaptive capacity and vulnerability
This paper reviews the concept of adaptation of human communities to global changes, especially climate change, in the context of adaptive capacity and vulnerability. It focuses on scholarship thatExpand
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An Anatomy of Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability
Adaptation to climate variability and change is important both for impact assessment (to estimate adaptations which are likely to occur) and for policy development (to advise on or prescribeExpand
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Vulnerability to climate change in the Arctic: A case study from Arctic Bay, Canada
Abstract This paper develops a vulnerability-based approach to characterize the human implications of climate change in Arctic Bay, Canada. It focuses on community vulnerabilities associated withExpand
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Community collaboration and climate change research in the Canadian Arctic
Research on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, particularly projects aiming to contribute to practical adaptation initiatives, requires active involvement and collaboration withExpand
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Climate change in the Arctic: current and future vulnerability in two Inuit communities in Canada
Climate change is already occurring in the Arctic and the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment recently concluded that future climate change could be devastating for Inuit. This paper characterisesExpand
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Vulnerability to climate change in Igloolik, Nunavut: what we can learn from the past and present
Significant and rapid climate change is predicted for Arctic regions. These changes are expected to have implications for indigenous communities. This paper argues that the starting point toExpand
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Vulnerability and adaptation in a dryland community of the Elqui Valley, Chile
Livelihoods in drylands are already challenged by the demands of climate variability, and climate change is expected to have further implications for water resource availability in these regions.Expand
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Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Arctic: The Case of Nunavut, Canada
Research conducted with the communities of Arctic Bay and Igloolik in Nunavut identified key areas where policy can help Inuit reduce their vulnerability to climate change, focusing on the renewableExpand
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Factors affecting the adoption of conservation tillage on clay soils in southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Despite significant progress in promoting the wider use of conservation tillage systems among farmers in Ontario, recent evidence suggests that adoption levels remain low overall, and especially lowExpand
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