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The Quakers: Money and Morals
This text tells the story of the Quakers in Britain and the impact they had on British society. It describes how they gradually came to dominate key 18th century industries from iron-making toExpand
Making the Black Atlantic: Britain and the African Diaspora
Introduction: the African diaspora. Part 1 The metropolis: images of Africa black Britain fruits of slave labours slavery, commerce and empire. Part 2 Africans in exile: the plantation slaveExpand
Black ivory : a history of British slavery
This social history looks at African slavery and the Atlantic slave trade which, in the space of 300 years, transported more than 11 million Africans to the Americas and the Caribbean - with millionsExpand
Fruits of Empire: Exotic Produce and British Taste, 1660-1800
Attractions of the East - Tea - Coffee - War, Disease and Settlement: the Americas - The Indian Weed: Tobacco - The Aztec Drink: Chocolate - Feeding the People: the Potato - The African Gift: Sugar -Expand
Britain's Slave Empire
This book describes the history of how the 'Africa Trade' formed the backbone of the British Empire. The British Empire carried more Africans into bondage across the Americas than any other nation.Expand
The people's game: A social history of British football
Leisure and society, 1830-1950
The People's Game: The History of Football Revisited
At the beginning of the 20th century soccer was widely accepted as the most popular game in the western world. In the space of a few decades it had become the most widely-supported team game inExpand
Football and the Decline of Britain
Acknowledgements - Preface - Prologue: Whatever happened to the People's Game? - PART 1 PEOPLE ON THE INSIDE - Victorian Values: Clubs and Managers - Feet of Clay Players - Fanatics - PART 2 OUTSIDEExpand