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Nanocrystalline dye‐sensitized solar cells having maximum performance
This paper presents an overview of the research carried out by a European consortium with the aim to develop and test new and improved ways to realise dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) with enhancedExpand
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Neophytes in Austria: Habitat preferences and ecological effects
Alien species are acknowledged as a major threat to the conservation of global biodiversity (e.g. Sala et al. 2000; McNeely et al. 2001; Cronk & Fuller 2001; Sukopp 2002; Cox 2004). While detailedExpand
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Roman agriculture and gardening in Egypt as seen from Kellis
The Dakhleh Oasis is an isolated region in the Western Desert of Egypt. It lies some 800 km south-south-west of Cairo, and 300 km west of the Nile, and is centred in Mut, its capital, on 25°30 ́N atExpand
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Using carbon nanodots as inexpensive and environmentally friendly sensitizers in mesoscopic solar cells.
We discuss the use of carbon nanodots (CNDs) as sensitizers in mesoscopic solar cells. The CNDs are synthesized using a one-step, bottom-up microwave approach with citric acid, urea, and formic acidExpand
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Delamination of graphite in a high pressure homogenizer
A scalable industrial method for graphene and Few-Layer-Graphene (FLG) production by graphite delamination in N-methylpyrrolidone and water–surfactant mixtures using a high pressure homogenizer isExpand
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Flow cytometric, chromosomal and morphometric analyses challenge current taxonomic concepts in the Portulaca oleracea complex (Portulacaeae, Caryophyllales)
Portulaca oleracea is a noxious annual weed of worldwide distribution in temperate to tropical climates. Its taxonomy has been treated in contradictory ways in the past. Various microspecies haveExpand
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A General Approach To Study the Thermodynamics of Ligand Adsorption to Colloidal Surfaces Demonstrated by Means of Catechols Binding to Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots
A general strategy to study the thermodynamics of ligand adsorption to colloidal surfaces was established. The versatility of our approach is demonstrated by means of catechols binding to ZnO quantumExpand
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Quantitative investigation of the fragmentation process and defect density evolution of oxo-functionalized graphene due to ultrasonication and milling
Abstract In the view of technical and medical applications we examined the effect of ultrasonication and ball milling of oxo-functionalized graphene bearing an almost intact carbon lattice (oxo-G)Expand
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Structural factors controlling size reduction of graphene oxide in liquid processing
Abstract Graphene oxide materials can be prepared in manifold synthesis approaches and allow for further post-functionalization to adopt the properties of the desired application. Small sized sheetsExpand
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