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A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History
Preface 1. The conceptual framework 2. The natural state 3. The natural state applied: English land law 4. Open access orders 5. Explaining the transition from limited to open access orders: theExpand
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Limited Access Orders in the Developing World: A New Approach to the Problems of Development
The upper-income, advanced industrial countries of the world today all have market economies with open competition, competitive multi-party democratic political systems, and a secure governmentExpand
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American Government Finance in the Long Run: 1790 to 1990
Government in America has gone through three distinct fiscal systems in the last two hundred years. Each system utilized a dominant revenue source, and had a distinctly active level of government.Expand
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Employment in the Great Depression: New data and hypotheses
Abstract The traditional source of information on employment during the Great Depression is the BLS establishment sample, the foundation of Lebergott's employment and unemployment estimates. TheExpand
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In the shadow of violence : politics, economics, and the problems of development
1. Limited access orders: an introduction to the conceptual framework Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis, Steven B. Webb and Barry R. Weingast 2. Bangladesh: economic growth in a vulnerable LAOExpand
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Can the New Deal's Three R's Be Rehabilitated? A Program-by-Program, County-by-County Analysis
We examine the importance of Roosevelt's 'relief, recovery, and reform' motives to the distribution of New Deal funds across over 3,000 U.S. counties, program by program. The major relief programsExpand
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Violence and Social Orders: The Conceptual Framework
Introduction The task of the social sciences is to explain the performance characteristics of societies through time, including the radical gap in human well-being between rich countries and poor asExpand
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Institutions, organizations, impersonality, and interests: The dynamics of institutions☆
Institutional economists concerned with rules often focus on the trade-off between individuals and social incentives. This paper argues that the real trade-off that individuals face is between theExpand
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Limited Access Orders: An Introduction to the Conceptual Framework
The paper lays out a new framework for understanding problems of development. It emphasizes that all societies must solve the problem of violence and distinguishes between two ways in which societiesExpand
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