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Measuring plagiarism: researching what students do, not what they say they do
Student plagiarism in colleges and universities has become a controversial issue in recent years. A key problem has been the lack of reliable empirical data on the frequency, nature and extent ofExpand
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Hybrid Organizations: Origins, Strategies, Impacts, and Implications
This introduction to the special issue on hybrid organizations defines hybrids, places them in their historical context, and introduces the articles that examine the strategies hybrids undertake toExpand
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Hybrid Organizations as Shape-Shifters: Altering Legal Structure for Strategic Gain
Social entrepreneurs navigate a complex landscape of legal structures in which they need to select among forprofit, nonprofit, and mixed-entity structures. This study of 48 hybrid organizationsExpand
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Measuring Global Money Laundering: "The Walker Gravity Model"
Measuring global money laundering, the proceeds of transnational crime that are pumped through the financial system worldwide, is still in its infancy. Methods such as case studies, proxy variables,Expand
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An Enforcement Taxonomy of Regulatory Agencies
A variety of multivariate techniques were used to develop a taxonomy of regulatory agencies from the first comprehensive study of the disparate enforcement strategies employed by business regulatoryExpand
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The influence of temperature on the velocity of sound in green pine wood
Acoustics is able to evaluate and differentiate between the intrinsic properties of visually-similar material, whether as logs on the skid site or as standing trees within an even-aged stand when itExpand
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Funding Criteria for Class Actions
The funding criteria considered by IMF Australia Ltd, Australia's largest commercial litigation funder, to fund multi-party actions are analysed. It is suggested that although funders such as IMFExpand
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Using Critical Incidents to Understand ESL Student Satisfaction
In a marketized environment, ESL providers, in common with other postcompulsory educational institutions, canvass student satisfaction with their services. While the predominant method is likely toExpand
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Language and Culture Requirements in International Business Majors at AACSB‐Accredited Business Schools
Nowadays, business managers are expected to be able to function effectively in a global context. In consequence, business schools in North America, Britain, and Australasia have been urged toExpand
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