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Global Patterns of Influenza A Virus in Wild Birds
The outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza of the H5N1 subtype in Asia, which has subsequently spread to Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, has put increased focus on the role ofExpand
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Many bird species host several lineages of apicomplexan blood parasites (Protista spp., Haemosporida spp.), some of which are shared across different host species. To understand such complex systems,Expand
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Spatial, Temporal, and Species Variation in Prevalence of Influenza A Viruses in Wild Migratory Birds
Although extensive data exist on avian influenza in wild birds in North America, limited information is available from elsewhere, including Europe. Here, molecular diagnostic tools were employed forExpand
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A New Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction Method Very Efficient in Detecting Plasmodium and Haemoproteus Infections From Avian Blood
Recently, several polymerase chain reaction (PCR)–based methods for detection and genetic identification of haemosporidian parasites in avian blood have been developed. Most of these haveExpand
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Cross‐species infection of blood parasites between resident and migratory songbirds in Africa
We studied the phylogeny of avian haemosporidian parasites, Haemoproteus and Plasmodium, in a number of African resident and European migratory songbird species sampled during spring and autumn inExpand
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Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter lari, and Campylobacter coli in Different Ecological Guilds and Taxa of Migrating Birds
ABSTRACT A total of 1,794 migrating birds trapped at a coastal site in southern Sweden were sampled for detection of Campylobacter spp. All isolates phenotypically identified as Campylobacter jejuniExpand
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Temporal dynamics and diversity of avian malaria parasites in a single host species.
1. We have used molecular methods to unravel a remarkable diversity of parasite lineages in a long-term population study of great reed warblers Acrocephalus arundinaceus that was not foreseen fromExpand
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Surveillance of Influenza Virus A in Migratory Waterfowl in Northern Europe
Ducks may maintain influenza virus from 1 year to the next.
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Detecting shifts of transmission areas in avian blood parasites — a phylogenetic approach
We investigated the degree of geographical shifts of transmission areas of vector‐borne avian blood parasites (Plasmodium, Haemoproteus and Leucocytozoon) over ecological and evolutionary timescales.Expand
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Response to Comment on "Rapid Advance of Spring Arrival Dates in Long-Distance Migratory Birds"
Both's comment questions our suggestion that the advanced spring arrival time of long-distance migratory birds in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean may reflect a climate-driven evolutionary change.Expand
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