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Climate change and plant regeneration from seed
At the core of plant regeneration, temperature and water supply are critical drivers for seed dormancy (initiation, break) and germination. Hence, global climate change is altering theseExpand
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Relative competitive abilities and growth characteristics of a narrowly endemic and a geographically widespread Solidago species (Asteraceae).
Relative competitive ability and growth characteristics of the narrow endemic Solidago shortii were compared to those of the geographically widespread S. altissima. Competition and growth studiesExpand
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Defining transient and persistent seed banks in species with pronounced seasonal dormancy and germination patterns
The most often used time-line for distinguishing a transient seed bank from a persistent seed bank is one calendar year. Thus, species whose seeds live in or on the soil for ,1 year have a transientExpand
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Growth and Reproduction of the Invasive Ligustrum sinense and Native Forestiera ligustrina (Oleaceae): Implications for the Invasion and Persistence of a Nonnative Shrub
Ligustrum sinense (Oleaceae) is an invasive shrub in the southeastern United States that was introduced from China. In middle Tennessee, the species grows with Forestiera ligustrina (Oleaceae), aExpand
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Effects of competition from introduced plants on establishment, survival, growth and reproduction of the rare plant Solidago shortii (Asteraceae)
Abstract Field and glasshouse studies investigated the effects of the introduced species Coronilla varia and Festuca arundinacea on establishment, survival, growth and reproduction of theExpand
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Seeds of Thalictrum mirabile (Ranunculaceae) require cold stratification for loss of nondeep simple morphophysiological dormancy
Seeds of the eastern North American herbaceous polycarpic perennial Thalictrum mirabile Small have differentiated but underdeveloped (small) embryos that are physiologically dormant at maturity inExpand
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Complex combination of seed dormancy and seedling development determine emergence of Viburnum tinus (Caprifoliaceae).
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The shrub Viburnum tinus is widely distributed in mattoral vegetation of the Mediterranean basin. The purpose of the present study was to classify the seed dormancy type andExpand
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Germination ecophysiology of the western North American species Osmorhiza depauperata (Apiaceae): implications of preadaptation and phylogenetic niche conservatism in seed dormancy evolution
Requirements for dormancy break and embryo growth were determined for seeds of the western North American species, Osmorhiza depauperata . Seeds were collected in August 2001 from Sandia Crest (3200Expand
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Sympatric species of Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae) vary in dormancy break and germination requirements: implications for classifying morphophysiological dormancy in Mediterranean biomes.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Several ecologically important plant families in Mediterranean biomes have seeds with morphophysiological dormancy (MPD) but have been poorly studied. The aim of this study was toExpand
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