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Distinguishing migration from isolation: a Markov chain Monte Carlo approach.
A Markov chain Monte Carlo method for estimating the relative effects of migration and isolation on genetic diversity in a pair of populations from DNA sequence data is developed and tested usingExpand
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A coalescent estimator of the population recombination rate.
Population genetic models often use a population recombination parameter 4Nc, where N is the effective population size and c is the recombination rate per generation. In many ways 4Nc is comparableExpand
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Coalescent Theory: An Introduction
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Estimating Divergence Times from Molecular Data on Phylogenetic and Population Genetic Timescales
▪ Abstract Molecular clocks have profoundly influenced modern views on the timing of important events in evolutionary history. We review recent advances in estimating divergence times from molecularExpand
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The population genetics of the origin and divergence of the Drosophila simulans complex species.
The origins and divergence of Drosophila simulans and close relatives D. mauritiana and D. sechellia were examined using the patterns of DNA sequence variation found within and between species at 14Expand
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Estimating ancestral population parameters.
The expected numbers of different categories of polymorphic sites are derived for two related models of population history the isolation model, in which an ancestral population splits into twoExpand
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Nonequilibrium migration in human history.
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  • 1 December 1999
A nonequilibrium migration model is proposed and applied to genetic data from humans. The model assumes symmetric migration among all possible pairs of demes and that the number of demes is large.Expand
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Coalescent Processes When the Distribution of Offspring Number Among Individuals Is Highly Skewed
We report a complex set of scaling relationships between mutation and reproduction in a simple model of a population. These follow from a consideration of patterns of genetic diversity in a sample ofExpand
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Gene flow and natural selection in the origin of Drosophila pseudoobscura and close relatives.
The divergence of Drosophila pseudoobscura and close relatives D. persimilis and D. pseudoobscura bogotana has been studied using comparative DNA sequence data from multiple nuclear loci. New dataExpand
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Sampling properties of DNA sequence data in phylogenetic analysis.
We inferred phylogenetic trees from individual genes and random samples of nucleotides from the mitochondrial genomes of 10 vertebrates and compared the results to those obtained by analyzing theExpand
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