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Uniqueness of the complex structure on Kähler manifolds of certain homotopy types
In this note we show that the homotopy types of certain complex pro jective spaces and quadrics support a unique complex structure of Kahler type. Structures on complex projective space haveExpand
Inverted papillomas and benign nonneoplastic lesions of the nasal cavity
Background Benign lesions of the nasal cavity represent a diverse group of pathologies. Furthermore, each of these disorders may present differently in any given patient as pain and discomfort,Expand
A metric formula for the Godbillon-Vay invariant for foliations
The Godbillon-Vey invariant for a foliation of codimension lisa cohomology class defined by a 3-form. On a Riemannian manifold, this form can be expressed in terms of the curvature and torsion of theExpand
Foliations on 3-manifolds
Let M be a smooth manifold with tangent bundle TM. A k-plane field (or k-distribution) on M is a k-dimensional subbundle a of TM. Equivalently let a denote the section of the Grassmann bundle Gk(M)Expand
On the topological structure of even-dimensional complete intersections
A topological connected sum decomposition into indecomposable pieces is given for complete intersections, and these pieces are described by plumbing constructions. The principal technical results areExpand
Insulation Levels for Turbogenerator Rotors
The advent of large generators, requiring higher excitation powers, has led to a steady increase in excitation voltage magnitude. This in turn has meant increases in the pressure test level which theExpand
Plane waves at small arrays
The resolving power of a seismic array is defined in terms of the array response function and via the classical uncertainty principle. Using the theory of maximum likelihood wavenumber spectraExpand