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Uncertainties in reconstructions of the Pacific, Farallon, Vancouver, and Kula Plates and constraints on the rigidity of the Pacific and Farallon (and Vancouver) Plates between 72 and 35 Ma
To study the rigidity of the Pacific and Farallon plates between 72 and 35 Ma, we analyzed the magnetic anomalies and fracture zones in the Pacific Ocean between longitudes 125°W–180° and latitudesExpand
Geographical information system (GIS) as a new tool to evaluate epidemiology based on spatial analysis and clinical outcomes in acromegaly
The geographical distribution of diagnosed cases did not impact in the latency of diagnosis or tumor size but the recognition of significant migration denotes that improvements in the medical assistance network are needed. Expand
Recent Ostracoda (Arthropoda, Crustacea) from São Pedro-São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil: a preliminary approach
The present study analyses ostracods from sedimentary samples collected in the Sao Pedro-Sao Paulo Archipelago, a small set of remote rock islands located Northeastern to the Brazilian coast, and identified thirteen species, nine of which are probably new and have not been observed elsewhere. Expand
Geophysical structures and tectonic evolution of the southern Guyana shield, Brazil
Abstract Aerogeophysical data of an area located on the southern portion of the Guyana shield in Brazil was processed using a fine interpolating mesh, and a corresponding spatial data integrationExpand
The structure of the Amazonian craton: Available geophysical evidence
Abstract The Amazonian craton, which covers a large area of South America, and is thought to have been stable since the end of the Mesoproterozoic, has recently benefited from a series of regionalExpand
Prognostic Value of Invasion, Markers of Proliferation, and Classification of Giant Pituitary Tumors, in a Georeferred Cohort in Brazil of 50 Patients, with a Long-Term Postoperative Follow-Up
Severe suprasellar extension should be considered as invasion parameter and could impact prognosis in patients with pituitary adenomas, according to current classification patterns and epidemiogeographical parameters. Expand
Long-term real-life outcomes in a georrefered cohort of acromegalic patients in Brazil
The clinical outcomes of long-term therapy in patients with acromegaly at a referral medical centre in Brazil and a spatial analysis of patients according to the distance from home to the drug-dispensing pharmacies aiming to evaluate its impact on biochemical control are described. Expand
Modelling elastic media with the wavelet transform
Summary We present a new method for modelling 2-D elastic media with the application of the wavelet transform, which is also extended to cases where discontinuities simulate geological faultsExpand
Origin of the Caldas Novas dome (Brazil) and its thermal water circulation
Abstract The Caldas Novas dome, a 20 × 12 km elliptical structure, with its longer axis trending NNW-SSE, was previously described as a structural window into the south-central part of theExpand