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Crustal and upper mantle structure in the Amazon region (Brazil) determined with broadband mobile stations
[1] Three broadband stations operated from March 1997 to September 1998 in the Amazon region north of Manaus, Brazil, which, including the IRIS station PTGA (Pitinga), covered an area of roughly 60 ×Expand
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Geographical information system (GIS) as a new tool to evaluate epidemiology based on spatial analysis and clinical outcomes in acromegaly
Geographical information systems (GIS) have emerged as a group of innovative software components useful for projects in epidemiology and planning in Health Care System. This is an original study toExpand
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Recent Ostracoda (Arthropoda, Crustacea) from São Pedro-São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil: a preliminary approach
The present study analyses ostracods from sedimentary samples collected in the Sao Pedro-Sao Paulo Archipelago, a small set of remote rock islands located Northeastern to the Brazilian coast.Expand
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Regionalização de Vazões Mínimas em Bacias Através de Interpolação em Sistemas de Informação Geográfica
Streamflow regionalisation achieved using the traditional method of regional regression/homogeneous regions has limited accuracy when the available streamflow data is scarce. Since this is the caseExpand
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Geophysical structures and tectonic evolution of the southern Guyana shield, Brazil
Abstract Aerogeophysical data of an area located on the southern portion of the Guyana shield in Brazil was processed using a fine interpolating mesh, and a corresponding spatial data integrationExpand
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Prognostic Value of Invasion, Markers of Proliferation, and Classification of Giant Pituitary Tumors, in a Georeferred Cohort in Brazil of 50 Patients, with a Long-Term Postoperative Follow-Up
Although some pituitary adenomas may have an aggressive behavior, the vast majority are benign. There are still controversies about predictive factors regarding the biological behavior of theseExpand
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Modelling elastic media with the wavelet transform
Summary We present a new method for modelling 2-D elastic media with the application of the wavelet transform, which is also extended to cases where discontinuities simulate geological faultsExpand
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The structure of the Amazonian craton: Available geophysical evidence
Abstract The Amazonian craton, which covers a large area of South America, and is thought to have been stable since the end of the Mesoproterozoic, has recently benefited from a series of regionalExpand
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Crust and upper mantle structure in central Brazil derived by receiver functions and SKS splitting analysis
Abstract Three broadband stations were installed in central Brazil to survey possible induced seismic activity during the building of a new power plant. From the continuous recordings more than 30Expand
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Lateral variation of crustal properties from aerogeophysical data in northern Brazil
ABSTRACTA new method is proposed for the study of crustal azimuthal anisotropy, and the lateral variation of other crustal aerogeophysical parameters, using a quantitative approach. The processing ofExpand
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