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Effects of alkali and acid solubilization on gelation characteristics of rockfish muscle proteins
ABSTRACT: Solubility of rockfish whole muscle and actomyosin was minimum at pH 5 and gradually increased as the pH was shifted to acidic or alkaline pH. Acidic and alkaline solubilization wasExpand
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Acid-Aided Protein Recovery from Enzyme-rich Pacific Whiting
ABSTRACT: Relatively higher protein recovery was obtained in acid-aided processing. Solubility was lowest at pH 5 and gradually increased up to pH 11.0. A sharp increase in solubility occurred atExpand
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Thermal denaturation and aggregation of threadfin bream actomyosin
Threadfin bream (Nemipterus bleekeri) actomyosin formed insoluble aggregates at > 40 � C. Conformational changes, as measured by surface hydrophobicity, began at >30 � C and continued to increaseExpand
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In vitro antioxidant activity of a peptide isolated from Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) scale gelatin in free radical-mediated oxidative systems
Abstract In the present study, a peptide possessing antioxidant properties was isolated from Nile tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus ) scale gelatin. Gelatin protein was hydrolyzed using alcalase,Expand
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Functional Protein Additives in Surimi Gels
Medium-grade Alaska pollock surimi was used to investigate the effects of functional protein additives on texture and colors. Torsion failure and differential scanning calorimetry tests were appliedExpand
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Solubility of Salmon Myosin as Affected by Conformational Changes at Various Ionic Strengths and pH
The relationship between solubility and conformational changes of salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) myofibrillar proteins at various ionic strengths and pH was investigated using myosin as a modelExpand
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New approaches for the effective recovery of fish proteins and their physicochemical characteristics
ABSTRACT:  Pacific whiting protein solubility was significantly affected as the pH shifted away from the isoelectric point (pH 5.5). The highest breaking force of gels was measured for fish proteinsExpand
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ABSTRACT The protein solubility and molecular-weight distribution of freeze-driedsarcoplasmic proteins (SPs) from rockfish treated under low and high pH aswell as various NaCl concentrations wereExpand
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Extraction of Proteins from Pacific Whiting Mince at Various Washing Conditions
Effects of salt concentrations and washing cycles on the extraction of proteins were evaluated. Sarcoplasmic proteins were readily soluble in water (0% NaCI) and removed in the initial washing steps.Expand
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