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Dynamic Fracture Mechanics
Preface List of symbols 1. Background and overview 2. Basic elastodynamic solutions for a stationary crack 3. Further results for a stationary crack 4. Asymptotic fields near a moving crack tip 5.Expand
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Metal Foams: A Design Guide
Introduction Making Metal Foams Characterization Methods Properties of Metal Foams Design Analysis for Material Selection Design Formulae for Simple Structures A Constitutive Model for Metal FoamsExpand
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Interface crack between two elastic layers
A semi-infinite interface crack between two infinite isotropic elastic layers under general edge loading conditions is considered. The problem can be solved analytically except for a single realExpand
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Mechanisms controlling the durability of thermal barrier coatings
Abstract The durability of thermal barrier coatings is governed by a sequence of crack nucleation, propagation and coalescence events that accumulate prior to final failure by large scale bucklingExpand
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Herringbone Buckling Patterns of Compressed Thin Films on Compliant Substrates
A thin metal film vapor depositied on thick elastomer substrate develops an equi-biaxial compressive stress state when the system is cooled due to the large thermal expansion mismatch between theExpand
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Matrix fracture in fiber-reinforced ceramics
Abstract A fiber-reinforced ceramic subject to tensile stress in the fiber direction can undergo extensive matrix cracking normal to the fibers, while the fibers remain intact. In this paper, theExpand
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Elastic-plastic behaviour of polycrystalline metals and composites
  • J. W. Hutchinson
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A…
  • 20 October 1970
Stress-strain behaviour of polycrystals and composites is explored with self-consistent models based on the elastic-plastic properties of the single crystal constituents. Based on Hill’s (1965a)Expand
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Models of fiber debonding and pullout in brittle composites with friction
Abstract Models for the debonding of a fiber embedded in a brittle matrix are proposed and analyzed. Attention is restricted to systems having a residual compressive stress acting across theExpand
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A comparative study of impulse-resistant metal sandwich plates
Abstract The performance of metal sandwich plates under impulsive blast loads is compared to that of solid plates made of the same material and having the same weight. Three core geometries areExpand
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