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The Religious Commitment Inventory--10: Development, Refinement, and Validation of a Brief Scale for Research and Counseling.
The authors report the development of the Religious Commitment Inventory-10 (RCI-10), used in 6 studies. Sample sizes were 155, 132, and 150 college students; 240 Christian church-attending marriedExpand
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Forgivingness, vengeful rumination, and affective traits.
Trait forgivingness is the disposition to forgive interpersonal transgressions over time and across situations. We define forgiveness as the replacement of negative unforgiving emotions withExpand
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Dispositional Forgivingness: Development and Construct Validity of the Transgression Narrative Test of Forgivingness (TNTF)
Forgivingness is the disposition to forgive interpersonal transgressions over time and across situations. There is currently no acceptable measure of forgivingness for use in testing theoreticalExpand
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Improving Learning through Interventions of Student-Generated Questions and Concept Maps
Using the principles of the scholarship of teaching and learning, we evaluated 2 learning strategies to determine if they could improve student exam performance in general psychology. After theExpand
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Forgiving Usually Takes Time: A Lesson Learned by Studying Interventions to Promote Forgiveness
Numerous accounts of research on promoting forgiveness in group settings have been published, indicating that forgiveness can be promoted successfully in varying degrees. Many have suggested thatExpand
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Seeking Forgiveness: Theoretical Context and an Initial Empirical Study
While research on granting forgiveness has exploded recently, no theoretical or empirical attention has been directed at seeking forgiveness. We lay a theoretical base for the study of seekingExpand
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On the form and function of forgiving: modeling the time-forgiveness relationship and testing the valuable relationships hypothesis.
In two studies, the authors sought to identify the mathematical function underlying the temporal course of forgiveness. A logarithmic model outperformed linear, exponential, power, hyperbolic, andExpand
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Helping Christian College Students Become More Forgiving: An Intervention Study to Promote Forgiveness as Part of a Program to Shape Christian Character
As part of a system-wide university intervention to help build stronger Christian character, an emphasis was placed on helping students become more forgiving. This effort involved chapel programs,Expand
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Some Caveats on Testing the Freudian Slip Hypothesis
This chapter reports on a long-term research program intended to apply the new techniques of slip induction to the classical problem of Freudian slips. We will discuss the program’s rationale, earlyExpand
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