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Influence of management practices on large herbivore diet—Case of European bison in Białowieża Primeval Forest (Poland)
It is predicted that browsing by bison, mainly on Carpinus/Corylus, makes an insignificant impact on forestry due to the high and increasing representation of this species in the forest understory, and distributed supplementary feeding should be applied as the management practice in the Bialowieza Forest. Expand
Effectiveness of microsatellite and SNP markers for parentage and identity analysis in species with low genetic diversity: the case of European bison
Comparisons of the effectiveness of 17 microsatellite and 960 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for paternity and identity analysis in the European bison show that off-the-shelf SNP genotyping systems developed for domestic species represent powerful tools for genetic analysis in related species, and can be effective even in bottlenecked species. Expand
The List of the Chromosome Races of the Common Shrew (Sorex Araneus)
The list of chromosome races of the common shrew (Sorex araneus) was compiled, the vast literature has been scrutinized, and unpublished data have been added. Altogether, 50 chromosome races could beExpand
Chromosome races of the common shrew Sorex araneus in Poland: a model of karyotype evolution
Five distinct chromosome races of the common shrew Sorex araneus Linnaeus, 1758 including different metacentrics with monobrachial homology have been found in Poland. Their karyotypes includeExpand
Karyotypic variation of the common shrew Sorex araneus in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine
Karyotypes of 55 common shrews Sorex araneus Linnaeus, 1758 from 24 geographically distinct sites in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine) were obtained using G-banding.
The list of the chromosome races of the common shrew Sorex araneus (updated 2002)
L'ISACC (International Sorex araneus Cytogenetics Committee) a publie en 1996 la premiere liste de races chromosomiques de S. Araneus, qui comprend actuellement 68 races. Expand
Threatened rodents in Europe: species status and some suggestions for conservation strategies
A definition of a chromosome race of the common shrew (Sorex araneus) is proposed, and supplemented by rules and conventions to name, group and describe the races.
Phylogeographic signatures of northward post‐glacial colonization from high‐latitude refugia: a case study of bank voles using museum specimens
A substantial involvement of a high-latitude refugium in the post-glacial colonization of Europe by bank voles is inferred and the results suggest the contribution of multiple glacial refugia. Expand
Pervasive introgression facilitated domestication and adaptation in the Bos species complex
It is suggested that the Bos genus evolves as a complex of genetically interconnected species with shared evolutionary trajectories, and that the threatened gayal is an independent species or subspecies. Expand
Evolution of the common shrew Sorex araneus: chromosomal and molecular aspects
The molecular data challenge traditional models for the fixation of chromosomal variants, provide new insights into the manner of spread of such variants once they are formed and allow in-depth analysis of gene exchange between karyotypic races. Expand