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Chiral quantum optics
Advanced photonic nanostructures are currently revolutionizing the optics and photonics that underpin applications ranging from light technology to quantum-information processing. The strong lightExpand
Cavity-based single atom preparation and high-fidelity hyperfine state readout.
We prepare and detect the hyperfine state of a single 87Rb atom coupled to a fiber-based high-finesse cavity on an atom chip. The atom is extracted from a Bose-Einstein condensate and trapped at theExpand
Observation of entanglement of a single photon with a trapped atom.
We report the observation of entanglement between a single trapped atom and a single photon at a wavelength suitable for low-loss communication over large distances, thereby achieving a crucial stepExpand
Chiral nanophotonic waveguide interface based on spin-orbit interaction of light
Controlling the flow of light with nanoparticles Light propagating through optic fibers could provide the ultimate in information flow, but controlling the direction of flow is a key requirement.Expand
Entangled States of More Than 40 Atoms in an Optical Fiber Cavity
All Together Now In quantum entanglement, correlations between particles mean that the measurement of one determines the outcome of the other(s). Generally, when trying to exploit quantumExpand
Nanophotonic Optical Isolator Controlled by the Internal State of Cold Atoms
The realization of nanophotonic optical isolators with high optical isolation even at ultralow light levels and low optical losses is an open problem. Here, we employ the link between the localExpand
Measuring the internal state of a single atom without energy exchange
Real quantum measurements almost always cause a much stronger back action than required by the laws of quantum mechanics. In particular, free-space optical detection methods for single atoms and ionsExpand
Strong coupling between single atoms and non-transversal photons
The interaction between single quantum emitters and non-transversally polarized photons for which the electric field vector amplitude has a significant component in the direction of propagation isExpand
Fiber-optical switch controlled by a single atom.
We demonstrate highly efficient switching of optical signals between two optical fibers controlled by a single atom. The key element of our experiment is a whispering-gallery-mode bottleExpand
Quantum optical circulator controlled by a single chirally coupled atom
A quantum optical circulator A circulator is a passive three- or four-port device that routes signals according to a simple protocol: If the ports are numbered in ascending order, a signal thatExpand