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A Power-Efficient Readout for Wheatstone-Bridge Sensors With COTS Components
This paper presents a direct digital converter for Wheatstone bridge sensors, which is realized with commercial off-the-shelf components. The power efficiency of the readout is enhanced by embedding
Vacuum packed particles as flexible endoscope guides with controllable rigidity
In order to fully benefit from the functionalities of flexible endoscopes in surgery a simple shaft-guide that can be used to support the flexible endoscope shaft is required. Such a shaft-guide must
A 19.8-mW Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Interface With Sub-Nanometer Resolution
This paper presents an eddy-current sensor (ECS) interface intended for sub-nanometer (sub-nm) displacement sensing in hi-tech applications. The interface employs a 126-MHz excitation frequency to
Demodulation Techniques for Self-Oscillating Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Interfaces: A Review
This paper presents a comprehensive study of demodulation techniques for high-frequency self-oscillating eddy-current displacement sensor (ECDS) interfaces. Increasing the excitation frequency is
High-resolution MEMS inertial sensor combining large-displacement buckling behaviour with integrated capacitive readout
The design of a bulk micromachined MEMS device exploiting non-linear buckling behaviour is described, aiming for n∕Hz resolution by maximising mechanical and capacitive sensitivity.
Self-Aligning and Self-Calibrating Capacitive Sensor System for Displacement Measurement in Inaccessible Industrial Environments
The overall system demonstrates a displacement measurement resolution of 65 pm (in terms of capacitance 65 aF) for a measurement time of 20 $\mu \text{s}$ .
9.9 A 0.6nm resolution 19.8mW eddy-current displacement sensor interface with 126MHz excitation
Displacement sensing with sub-nanometer resolution is required in advanced metrology and high-tech industry, e.g., to measure the lens position in wafer scanners and calls for stable flat sensing coils in close proximity to the ECS interface.
A 9.1 mW inductive displacement-to-digital converter with 1.85 nm resolution
A displacement-to-digital converter (DDC) based on inductive (eddy-current) sensor is presented. The sensor is embedded in a self-oscillating front-end, whose 145MHz output is then digitized by a
Modelling the inductance of a novel eddy-current position sensor for high-precision applications
  • J. Vogel, S. Nihtianov
  • Materials Science, Computer Science
    IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS)
  • 20 April 2016
Study of how well some analytic models describe the eddy-current position sensor's inductance at small standoff distances and high excitation frequencies shows that some care must be taken, as the analytic methods do not fully model skin effect.
Suppression Efficiency of the Correlated Noise and Drift of Self-oscillating Pseudo-differential Eddy Current Displacement Sensor
The suppression efficiency of the correlated noise and drift of self-oscillating front-end circuit in a pseudo-differential eddy-current displacement sensor (ECDS) is investigated using COMSOL and