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Laser coherent control of an ensemble of randomly oriented chiral molecules
We discuss applications of coherent control laser for asymmetric synthesis of enantiomers from a racemic mixture of chiral molecules. General symmetry requirements on the exciting laser fieldExpand
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Computer modeling of frequency-modulation spectra of coherent dark resonances
Dynamics of a three-level quantum system in Λ-configuration driven by a resonant laser field with and without frequency modulation (FM) is studied for the first time in detail using two simulationExpand
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Theory of frequency-modulation spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances
Theoretical model for the frequency-modulation spectroscopy of dark resonances is discussed in detail on example of a three-level quantum system in A-configuration driven by resonant laser field(s)Expand
Spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances in samarium
A theoretical model of the coherent population trapping (CPT) in multilevel samarium atom and its comparison with experimental spectroscopic data are presented. Theoretical model describes aExpand
Software for a Small Computer "Setun"
The first in the world ternary computer - “Setun” was developed at Moscow State University in 1958 and was serialized in 1961-1965 by Kazan Mathematical Machines Plant. Expand