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Taxonomy and Natural History of Hydnora (Hydnoraceae)
Hydnora is a genus of subterranean holoparasitic herbs found in arid and semiarid regions of Africa, Madagascar, and the southwestern part of the Arabian peninsula that consists of four or five species, although more than 12 have been described. Expand
Extensile hydraulic fracturing of (saturated) porous materials
The Effect of Partial Defoliation on Growth Characteristics of Vitis vinifera L . cv . Cabernet Sauvignon II . Reproductive Growth
The effect of partial defoliation over the whole canopy on the reproductive growth of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon was investigated. The 33% defoliation treatment prior to pea size andExpand
An in vitro study of organogenesis in guayule (Parthenium argentatum Gray)
The in vitro propagation of Guayule was achieved using shoot explants excised from aseptically germinated seedlings and a survival rate of 90% was obtained when the plantlets were hardened-off under greenhouse conditions. Expand
Accelerated carbonation testing of mortar with supplementary cement materials. Limitation of the acceleration due to drying
In the design stage of a concrete structure, decisions have to be made on how to fulfil the required service life and consequently, what concrete composition to use. Concrete compositions can beExpand
Preparation of Grapes and Extraction of Sugars and Organic Acids for Determination by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
A comparison of different extraction procedures for determination of sugars and organic acids in grapes is described. Reliable recoveries during simultaneous extraction of sugars, as well as organicExpand
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Some South African Parasitic Flowering Plants
The chloroplasts ultrastucture of the chloroplast containing hemiparasites did not differ significantly from non-parasitic plants and were characterised by well-developed grana with an extensive thylakoid system. Expand