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Ageing Contested: Anti-ageing Science and the Cultural Construction of Old Age
Recent developments in the fundamental science of biological ageing have raised the possibility of extending the human lifespan. This article examines contests within bio-gerontology as to the natureExpand
Inequality And Old Age
An analysis of ageing in relation to identity formation, inequality and stratification. The book outlines a theory of social inequality which encompasses those inequalities associated with old age -Expand
Science and imagery in the ‘war on old age’
  • J. Vincent
  • Psychology
  • Ageing and Society
  • 25 October 2007
ABSTRACT Several professional groups present themselves as ‘waging war’ on old age. They construct old age as a naturalised, self-evidently negative, biological phenomenon, which must be attacked andExpand
The anti-ageing enterprise: science, knowledge, expertise, rhetoric and values
Abstract Our editorial outlines the nature of anti-ageing and its significance for the understanding of ageing and the condition of old age. It reviews the approaches from the existing literature andExpand
Understanding generations: political economy and culture in an ageing society.
  • J. Vincent
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The British journal of sociology
  • 1 December 2005
Sociological understanding of generations can be enhanced by avoiding defining them rigidly as chronological cohorts but rather linking people's accounts of their generational experience with anExpand
Who's afraid of an ageing population?
This paper examines the relationship between an ageing population and the future of the state pension. Arguments that for demographic reasons current levels of provision are unsustainable are exposedExpand
The cultural construction old age as a biological phenomenon: Science and anti-ageing technologies
Abstract This paper links ageism to the anti-ageing culture embedded in biological science. It presents two simple ideal types of the relationship of culture and science and uses these to examineExpand
Politics, Power and Old Age
Introduction: politics, power and old age an overview of old age, politics and power personal politics and social movements professions and institutional politics - the medicalization of old ageExpand