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Participation in sport: bonding and bridging as identity work
Nowadays sport is assigned a crucial role in solving social problems, especially those relating to social cohesion. Participation in sport is assumed to build relevant bonding and bridging socialExpand
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Play and work: An introduction to sport and organization
In recent decades, sport as a social practice has become relevant in many different fields: in health, economy, politics, education, work and leisure. The importance of sport transcends the confinesExpand
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Local Korfball versus Global Basketball: a Study of the Relationship between Sports' Rule-Making and Dissemination
Dans cet article, l'auteur se demande pourquoi, bien que ces deux sports soient etroitement lies et fortement comparables, le korfball est reste un sport local, soumis a la moquerie et a la derisionExpand
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Bounding, relating, mixing: identity construction at a Christian school
This essay is about identity. To be more precise, it concerns the formation of identity at a Christian school for higher vocational education in the Netherlands. As part of the more general processExpand
The Performative Nature of Identification: Modes of Management and Actors at Work
Organizations are not just any kind of social entities and organizational practices are not just any kind of practices. They exist due to two crucial facts. First, a specific kind of practices isExpand
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Assembling the Irreconcilable: Youth Workers, Development Policies and ‘High Risk’ Boys in the Netherlands
ABSTRACT This article demonstrates how youth workers in a Dutch city bring together seemingly irreconcilable worlds: the development policies of their organisations and the state on the one hand andExpand
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The bridge as playground: Organizing sport in public space
This article deals with sport activities of youths on public playgrounds in the Netherlands and the organizing practices they are engaged in. In the evaluation of the social value of sport theExpand
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The organization of social issues through sport: youths in public playgrounds
When it comes to its public value, sport is seen as a valuable instrument in intervening in social issues (compare Spaaij 2011). With regard to children and youth – the issue in this chapter – sportExpand
Building identities and bridges in sport. Paper