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Acclimation of growing pigs to climatic environment
In intensive pig production the climatic environment has an important impact on productivity and health of the animals. Since factors as draught and fluctuating temperatures are known to influenceExpand
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The relation between body temperature, metabolic rate and climatic environment in young-growing pigs
Abstract Young growing pigs (18 kg) were housed in two climatically controlled respiration chambers and exposed to 5 different climatic environments. Per chamber 20 pigs were housed (two groups of 10Expand
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Influences of climatic treatments on systemic immunological parameters in pigs.
Abstract In six experiments, young pigs were exposed to adverse environmental conditions, namely 15°C, 15°C + draught, 25°C + draught, fluctuating temperatures ( 15 25 ° C ) and 15 25 ° C + draughtExpand
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Surface temperatures of growing pigs in relation to the duration of acclimation to air temperature or draught.
Abstract The aim of this work was to study to what extent surface temperatures of growing pigs are altered during acclimation to a change of the air temperature and to exposure to draught. 4 groupsExpand
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Effect of environmental temperature and feeding level on heat production and lower critical temperature of pregnant sows
Zusammenfassung Der Einflus der Umgebungstemperatur und Futterungsintensitat auf die Warmeproduktion und die untere kritische Temperatur bei tragenden Sauen Es wurde der Einflus derExpand
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