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The RbCs X1Σ+ Ground Electronic State: New Spectroscopic Study
In this paper a new spectroscopic investigation on the X(1)Sigma(+) electronic ground state of the RbCs molecule is reported. This study is conducted by using laser-induced fluorescence combined withExpand
Analysis of the (0-0), (1-0), and (2-0) bands of the B3Πg→A3Σu+ system of 14N2 and 15N2
Abstract The (0-0), (1-0), and (2-0) bands of the B 3 Π g → A 3 Σ u + emission system of 14 N 2 and 15 N 2 have been recorded under high resolution with a Fourier transform interferometer. The wholeExpand
The magnetic dipole a1Δg → X3Σg− transition in the oxygen afterglow
The magnetic dipole a1Δ →X3Σg− transition has been observed for the first time during the recombination of 16O atoms in an afterglow. The spectrum of the 0–0 band has been recorded with a highExpand
The 14N16O ground state up to v = 15 by emission Fourier transform spectroscopy of the Δv = 2 sequence
Abstract The vibration-rotation emission spectrum of the nitric oxide molecule has been recorded with a high-resolution Fourier transform interferometer (resolution 10 −2 cm −1 ) in the spectralExpand
Energy levels and isotope shifts for singly ionized uranium (U II)
New uranium hollow-cathode Fourier-transform spectra have been recorded between 1800 and 42 000 cm−1. Combined with earlier visible and ultraviolet spectra, these have led to 354 odd levels and 809Expand
Preliminary Investigations About the Cs
The possible photoreactions leading to the formation of “laser snow” in cell experiment by laser irradiation of Cesium atoms to the (7p) level will be analyzed through crossed beam experiment. AExpand
Direct potential fit analysis of the X 1Σg+ state of Rb2: Nothing else will do!
High resolution A-X emission data involving vibrational levels of the ground X 1Σg+ electronic state up to v″=113, spanning 99.8% of the potential well, have been acquired for three isotopomers ofExpand
High resolution study of near-infrared emission spectra of 142NdO
Abstract High resolution near-infrared emission spectra of 142 NdO have been recorded using a Fourier transform spectrometer. Molecules were produced by heating 142 Nd 2 O 3 to about 2100 K in aExpand
Infrared Emission Spectrum of Lutecium and Extended Analysis of Lu I
155 emission lines of lutecium have been recorded by means of Fourier Transform Spectrometry in the spectral range 2692-10 082 cm-1. The magnetic A and electric B hyperfine constants of the combiningExpand
The H 2Δ state of barium hydride
Using a tunable laser to excite the E2 Pi -X2 Sigma + system of the BaH molecule, the authors recorded (with the help of a Fourier transform spectrometer) and analysed the fluorescence induced inExpand