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Suspicious Minds: Exploring Neural Processes during Exposure to Deceptive Advertising
When viewing advertisements, consumers must decide what to believe and what is meant to deceive. Accordingly, much behavioral research has explored strategies and outcomes of how consumers processExpand
Parent characteristics linked with daughters' attachment styles.
This study investigated links between parent characteristics and daughters' attachment styles for 90 female undergraduates and their married biological parents. Parents with a secure attachmentExpand
Reaction Time of Motor Responses in Two-Stimulus Paradigms Involving Deception and Congruity with Varying Levels of Difficulty
Deception research has focused on identifying peripheral nervous system markers while ignoring cognitive mechanisms underlying those markers. Cognitive theorists argue that the process of deceptionExpand
Practice effects, workload, and reaction time in deception.
Cognitive theorists argue that deception may involve attentional capture, working memory load, or perceived incongruity with memory, whereas psychophysiologists argue for stimulus salience, arousal,Expand
Recollections of parent characteristics and attachment patterns for college women of intact vs. non-intact families.
This study contrasted offsprings' attachment patterns and recollections of parent characteristics in two college samples: 147 females from intact biological parents and 157 females of parentalExpand
Links between parent characteristics and attachment variables for college students of parental divorce.
This study investigated links between offsprings' attachment patterns and parent characteristics in 157 females and 62 males of parental divorce. Secure females and males reported affection, respect,Expand
Evaluating Methods for Constructing Average High-Density Electrode Positions
A multi-modal strategy for cortical source analysis combines EEG/ERP with structural (anatomical) MRI to create realistic head models for the source analysis of scalp-recorded electrical activity. Expand
Resting state signatures of domain and demand-specific working memory performance
Working memory (WM) is one of the key constructs in understanding higher-level cognition. Expand
Partner Discrepancies in Distressed Marriages
ABSTRACT Spousal discrepancy theory posits that partners with wide personality differences are at risk for marital distress. In this study, we assessed links between partner personality andExpand
Understanding the underlying structure of deceptive behaviors
The goals of this project were to evaluate the structure of deceptive behaviors in college students and investigate relationships between personality and these behaviors. After developing nineExpand