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87Sr/86Sr, δ13C and δ18O evolution of Phanerozoic seawater
Abstract A total of 2128 calcitic and phosphatic shells, mainly brachiopods with some conodonts and belemnites, were measured for their δ 18 O , δ 13 C and 87 Sr / 86 Sr values. The dataset coversExpand
Evolution of sedimentary rocks
Abstract For almost a century, it has been recognized that the present-day thickness and areal extent of Phanerozoic sedimentary strata increase progressively with decreasing geologic age. ThisExpand
Precambrian marine carbonate isotope database: Version 1.1
[1] We present a compilation of strontium, carbon, and oxygen isotope compositions of roughly 10,000 marine carbonate rocks of Archean - Ordovician age (3800 Ma – 450 Ma). The Precambrian MarineExpand
Strontium isotope evolution of Late Permian and Triassic seawater
The 87Sr/86Sr values based on brachiopods and conodonts define a nearly continuous record for the Late Permian and Triassic intervals. Minor gaps in measurements exist only for the uppermostExpand
Chemical Diagenesis of a Multicomponent Carbonate System--1: Trace Elements
ABSTRACT Theoretical considerations (i.e., partition coefficients, water/rock ratio, chemistry of interstitial meteoric water) of elemental behaviour during diagenetic stabilization with meteoricExpand
Sr, C, and O isotope geochemistry of Ordovician brachiopods: A major isotopic event around the Middle-Late Ordovician transition
Here we present Sr, C, and O isotope curves for Ordovician marine calcite based on analyses of 206 calcitic brachiopods from 10 localities worldwide. These are the first Ordovician-wide isotopeExpand
Isotope stratigraphy of the European Carboniferous: proxy signals for ocean chemistry, climate and tectonics
Abstract Carboniferous brachiopods from western Europe and the former USSR have been utilized as carriers of isotopic proxy signals for paleoceanography and paleoclimatology during the assemblage ofExpand
Oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of Silurian brachiopods: Implications for coeval seawater and glaciations
We collected 236 calcitic brachiopod shells, covering the entire Silurian Period (~ 30 m.y.), at high temporal resolution from stratotype sections from Anticosti Island (Canada), Wales (UnitedExpand
Carbon fluxes, pCO2 and substrate weathering in a large northern river basin, Canada: carbon isotope perspectives
Abstract Isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon ( δ 13 C DIC ) in the Ottawa River basin is about −8 and −16‰ for lowland carbonate and upland silicate tributaries, respectively. ThisExpand