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A condition index for African penguin Spheniscus demersus chicks
Recommendations are made with regard to morphometric measurements, sample size and the sampling interval required to compare effectively the condition of African penguin chicks between breeding colonies throughout their distributional range.
Analyzing Pellets and Feces of African Royal Terns (Thalasseus maximus albididorsalis) Results in Different Estimates of Diet Composition
Differences in prey species composition in pellets and excrement could potentially be explained by a combination of seasonal changes in availability of prey species and size of otoliths.
Selecting Piscivorous Bird Species for Monitoring Environmental Change in the Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania
There are major differences between the species in ecological and behavioural mechanisms promoting diet segregation, such as foraging habitat use, foraging ranges and prey-catching techniques, which conclude that the species investigated serve the monitoring goal well.
The first record of Trogontherium cuvieri (Rodentia, Castoridae) from the Oosterschelde
A fragment of right tibio-fibula from the bed of the Oosterschelde deep channel is identified as Trogontherium cuvieri, not recorded previously from this area. The bone is larger than other material
Breeding gulls and sterns in Senegal in 1998, and proposal for new population estimates for gulls and terns in north-west Africa
Keiji G.O., Brenninkmeijer, A., Schepers, F.J., Stienen, E.W.M., Veen, J. & Ndiaye A. 2001. Breeding gulls and terns in Sengal in 1998, and proposal for new population estimates o f gulls and terns
The unique structure and functions of the ovipositor of the non‐paralyzing ectoparasitoid Colpoclypeus florus Walk. (Hym., Eulophidae) with special reference to antennal sensilla and immature stages
It is suggested that ectoparasitic eulophids with functional tracheal systems during their whole development represent features of an evolutionary original state.