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Cadmium stress: an oxidative challenge
At the cellular level, cadmium (Cd) induces both damaging and repair processes in which the cellular redox status plays a crucial role. Being not redox-active, Cd is unable to generate reactiveExpand
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Phytoremediation of contaminated soils and groundwater: lessons from the field
Background, aim, and scopeThe use of plants and associated microorganisms to remove, contain, inactivate, or degrade harmful environmental contaminants (generally termed phytoremediation) and toExpand
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Endophytic Bacteria and Their Potential Applications
The authors wish to acknowledge the European Commission for their support to the ENDEGRADE project (EU PROJECT: QLK3- CT2000-00164). DvdL and ST are presently being supported by Laboratory DirectedExpand
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Phytoavailability assessment of heavy metals in soils by single extractions and accumulation by Phaseolus vulgaris
Abstract In Western Europe, policy makers are currently moving towards a more integrated risk-based approach of soil contamination assessment. As part of this approach, selective single extractionExpand
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Role of assisted natural remediation in environmental cleanup
Abstract Metals are common contaminants worldwide. Long-term deposition of metals in soils can lead to accumulation, transport and biotoxicity/zootoxicity caused by mobility and bioavailability ofExpand
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Normalisation of real-time RT-PCR gene expression measurements in Arabidopsis thaliana exposed to increased metal concentrations
Accurate quantification by real-time RT-PCR relies on normalisation of the measured gene expression data. Normalisation with multiple reference genes is becoming the standard, but the best referenceExpand
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Phytoremediation: plant-endophyte partnerships take the challenge.
A promising field to exploit plant-endophyte partnerships is the remediation of contaminated soils and (ground) water. Many plant growth promoting endophytes can assist their host plant to overcomeExpand
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Bacterial seed endophytes: genera, vertical transmission and interaction with plants
Summary Although the importance of plant-associated microorganisms for plant growth and health was getting more recognition recently, the role of seed-associated microorganisms, and especially seedExpand
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DsrB gene-based DGGE for community and diversity surveys of sulfate-reducing bacteria.
A denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) method was developed to assess the diversity of dsrB (dissimilatory sulfite reductase beta-subunit)-genes in sulfate-reducing communities. For thisExpand
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Glutathione Is a Key Player in Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress Defenses
Since the industrial revolution, the production, and consequently the emission of metals, has increased exponentially, overwhelming the natural cycles of metals in many ecosystems. Metals display aExpand
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