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Ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid content of foods-as-eaten
Abstract High performance liquid chromatography combined with laboratory robotic extraction procedures was utilized to determine the ascorbic acid and the dehydroascorbic acid content of theExpand
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The effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 on the vitamin C concentration of (sour) orange juice
Abstract Well-watered and fertilized sour orange trees ( Citrus aurantium L.) have been grown since the seedling stage (November 1987) out-of-doors at Phoenix, AZ, USA in clear-plastic-wall open-topExpand
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Nutrient Composition of Fresh Retail Pork
The nutrient composition of fresh pork was studied in samples from 71 carcasses. On separable lean, nutrient composition was determined for 7 raw retail cuts from one side of each of 11 carcasses,Expand
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Laminar-flow bolus shapes in flow injection analysis
Abstract Bolus shapes for injected samples have been calculated for times of interest in experiments on flow injection analysis. The effect of both system and molecular parameters on the shapes andExpand
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Intensity profiles of the 6300-A and 5577-A O I lines in the night airglow
Altitude profiles of the 5577-A and 6300-A O I nightglow radiations have been observed with rocket photometers to an altitude of 258 km. Five hours after sunset, the 6300-A red line exhibited anExpand
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HPLC analysis with fluorometric detection of vitamin C in food samples.
A high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure has been developed for the analysis of ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid in complex matrices. Separation is accomplished with anExpand
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Forms of vitamin B6 in human milk.
A previously developed high performance chromatographic method has been modified slightly and used to determine the forms of vitamin B6 in human milk. The chromatographic traces are free of compoundsExpand
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Investigation of the conjugase treatment procedure in the microbiological assay of folate
Abstract Microbiological assays have been conducted to determine the growth responses of Lactobacillus casei to pteroyl di-, tri-, tetra-, hexa- and hepta- glutamates relative to the monoglutamateExpand
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Potential Energy Curves for the X1Σg+ and B1Σu+ States of Hydrogen
The recently reported accurate data of Herzberg and Howe have been used to calculate the potential energy curves for the X 1Σg+ and B 1Σu+ states of hydrogen by the Rydberg‐Klein‐Rees (RKR) method.Expand
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